HiPleasures helps Cannabis smokers taste better


Adult wellness and health company HiPleasures is all about making sex more pleasurable and making men and women taste better.

With medical marijuana becoming legal in 23 states and counting (including California, Denver, Nevada and New York), more people are starting to imbibe copious amounts of weed.

Smoking marijuana even in small amounts can cause men’s semen to taste bitter and women to taste not so fresh.

Dr. Pega Wen of the Daily Extra recently tackled this issue when a women wrote in and asked advice about her boyfriend’s spunk tasting bitter and her not wanting to swallow.

Suger Cum packaging

Sugar Cum is available on the HiPleasures website and selected retailers in California and Europe

It is a little known fact that not only pot, but also cigarettes can make your jism taste sour — and, most people aren’t going to give up smoking either. The answer is changing your diet and taking 100 percent natural Sugar Cum on a daily basis, if you want your partner to get a tasty treat, instead of sour grapes.

“What research and the public is finding out about the connection of weed and how you taste, is something that I have known all along,” says CEO Brittani Feinberg.

“It’s personal and a lot of people don’t want to talk about it, but it’s definitely a problem. This is why dispensaries are discreetly stocking up on not only the 5-day supply, but also the 30-day supply.”

Sugar Cum is available on the HiPleasures website and selected retailers in California and Europe. Dispensaries across the country are already stocking up as new research is coming available about the connection of smoking weed and tasting bitter.

To become a wholesaler, visit hipleasures.com/wholesale. For more information on Sugar Cum, visit hipleasures.com

About HiPleasures

HiPleasures is an adult sexual wellness and health company that creates high quality, all natural products geared towards men, women and couples looking to make their sex lives more enjoyable and venture out within their sexual boundaries.

hipleasures.com logoTheir goal is to become known as sex educators and create an open forum where consumers feel comfortable talking about their needs and desires, no matter their gender, race or sexual preferences.

Their first product is a secretion sweetener called Sugar Cum, aimed at making you and your partner taste sweeter and bringing your sexual satisfaction to new heights, a level of high pleasure, just like the name of the company says.

Sugar Cum has already been profiled on Jezebel, Vice, Cosmo UK, Miami New Times, Playboy, Gizmodo UK, Short & Sweet NYC, Fiesta, Ravers DVD, AVN and XBIZ. HiPleasures received multiple AVN and XBIZ Awards nominations in 2015.

Look for more products in their line to be introduced in the future, including toys.

Keep up with all their products and the latest news by following them on Twitter and Instagram, and liking their Facebook page

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