The Wild Duvet Company launch new project


The Wild Duvet Company launch Pole Positions Bedding project on Kickstarter.

The initial product will be “Pole Positions Bedding” which aims to add some adventure into relationships with a multi position lovemaking duvet cover.

Integrating the positions: Bellyflop, Octopus, Sidewinder, Crouching Tiger, Edge of Bed Missionary and the Wheelbarrow into an interactive and fun experience with hands and feet outlines for the different positions.

The pillow cases will be branded with “Pole Positions” on one side, and on the other side will be instructions and pictures to add to the fun.

Wild Duvet Company Pole Positions Bedding pillow front

Made from a high quality Polycotton blend, a super soft and breathable material to ensure maximum comfort and a velvety feeling against the skin.

There is nothing similar to this product currently on the market, however there are numerous products that are intended as novelty impulse purchases with very similar adult themes selling extremely well.

The product is now at the final stage of development, and ready to launch.

For the initial 3-6 months the focus of the company will be on the promotion and sales of the first product line into the UK with a focus on online novelty/gadget/boys toys retailers and online erotic accessory retailers, as well as through the main website.

Wild Duvet Company Pole Positions Bedding pillow

Wild Duvet Company Pole Positions Bedding pillow

The UK, Holland and Germany will be the main markets for these products however the USA, Spain, France, Italy will also be target markets.

Europe’s largest retailer specialising in the sale of erotic products has yearly sales of close to 200 million euros. In the UK the largest online retailer alone had sales of £29.9m in 2014 a 15% rise from the year before.

The main objectives of the business are to be constantly developing and finding niches and product designs that have not been explored in online retail for bedding and home accessories.

The Wild Duvet Company is committed to bringing fun and innovation to the bedroom, with unique gift ideas for those looking for the unusual.

Visit The Wild Duvet Company for more information.

For more about this great project, view it on Kickstarter

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