Man without dick slept with over 100 women


Man born without dick claims to have had sex with over 100 women.

Andrew Wardle may have been born without a penis, but that hasn’t stopped him from sleeping with over 100 women.

The 40-year-old U.K. man has an extremely rare defect called penile agenesis, which occurs once in every 5 to 6 million births.

Andrew has revealed all about his life in TLC’s The Man With No Penis which sees him confess his secret to friends and family, including his unsuspecting, long-term girlfriend, Fedra.

Out of all his sexual conquests, Wardle claims to have only told 20% of them about his condition. While some women have been understanding, one reportedly punched him right in the face.

Man Born Without DickAccording to Mirror Online, Wardle is tired of the lies. He plans to come out of the no cock closet with an upcoming TLC UK documentary that takes us through a year of his life.

The program, airing June 11, will feature Wardle’s journey to a fully-functioning penis, which will be obtained through four operations grafting muscle and skin from his forearm, as well as confessions of his life’s secret to friends, family and his clueless longterm girlfriend.

While he hasn’t yet provided details on just how he was able to keep his boner deficiency a secret during his relationship and all those past hookups, one can assume he was doing most of the work.

Then again, I did know someone who didn’t realise for an entire two weeks that the guy she was dating was missing an arm so anything is possible.

* The Man With No Penis airs Thursday 11 June at 10.00pm on TLC UK

After forty years of secrecy, Andrew’s decided to reveal the truth, admitting: “I was sick of hiding.”

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