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Mighty Aphrodite was created in 2004 by photographer Leigh Perkins and his business partner and wife, Zena Snowdon.

Mighty Aphrodite are pioneers of Modern Boudoir Photography – no cheesy poses or misty soft-focus airbrushing, just stylish, sexy pictures.

Leigh has over 20 years experience as a professional photographer and cameraman, working all over Europe, as well as the Caribbean and North America.

mighty aphrodite photography

Leigh started out as a cruise ship photographer when he was just 18 and has since worked in every photographic field imaginable from weddings, portraiture and PR to commercial, travel and even filming for the Pirelli Calendar.

A liberating, life-affirming boudoir photography experience!

A boudoir photo shoot can have life-changing results – seriously – that’s what our clients tell us (and we have photographed thousands of happy women, men & couples since we started in 2004). It is a liberating experience and a big confidence boost seeing yourself as you really are. And it will leave you with a big smile on your face…we promise!

Move away from the feather boa! Mighty Aphrodite are pioneers of Modern Boudoir Photography – no cheesy poses or misty soft-focus airbrushing, just stylish, sexy pictures that will make you feel amazing and leave your partner breathless! We are not a traditional “makeover” studio – we won’t make you look unrecognisable with a complete restyle of your image and heavy make up. This is about making the REAL you look amazing with a bit of help from cosmetics and retouching to get you looking perfect.

Mighty Aphrodite Glamour Photography
Mighty Aphrodite Glamour Photography

Building for success

In 2002 Leigh and Zena decided to build their own studio…literally brick by brick. They did everything themselves – digging the foundations, laying the bricks, putting the roof on (eeek!) and designing and building the curved walls in the studio and bathroom (seemed like a good idea at the time). The studio was mainly used for commercial shoots and makeover portraits until in 2004 a client asked if we could do a photoshoot a bit more boudoir-style.

Leigh and Zena designed their first boudoir studio set and Mighty Aphrodite was born. The business grew at an astonishing rate and Leigh and Zena decided to completely customise the studio for boudoir and nude portraits, designing a range of different sets so their clients would have a choice of different styles.

Mighty Aphrodite Glamour Photography
Mighty Aphrodite Glamour Photography

A reputation for quality

Leigh and Zena’s reputation for boudoir and nude photography of the highest quality meant that by 2007 they were working at full capacity and needed to expand the team.

Samantha Brookes came on board in August 2007 as image editor extraordinaire. In October 2007 an extra office was built on site to house the extended editing suite and to give Leigh and Zena more space for their thriving business.

In 2008, Leigh gained the qualification of Licentiate of the British Institute of Professional Photography. He had to undergo an interview and have a panel of twenty images judged by eight of the Fellows of the Institute – scary stuff, but he passed with distinction.

Mighty Aphrodite is the longest running UK studio to specialise in photoshoots for women, men and couples. In 2012 to satisfy the growing demand for Men’s Fitness photo shoots, Leigh & Zena launched Mighty Physique Photography – a site dedicated to male body portraits. And for all the budding photographers who want to learn nude, glamour and erotic photography the Mighty Aphrodite way, we now offer photography workshops and tuition. See our training website Nudes Exposed for course details.

With the popularity of boudoir and nude photography still growing, Mighty Aphrodite are proud to have been one of the pioneers of this amazing, life-changing style of photography. There is no great secret to the success of Mighty Aphrodite – just a passion for creating beautiful sensual boudoir and nude images.



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