Jennifer Lawrence nude photos cash reward

0 has announced a sizable cash reward for any information leading to the apprehension of the hacker who has leaked Jennifer Lawrence nude photos.

Jennifer Lawrence and Rihanna among celebrity victims of hacked nude photos.

The Adult Internet TV service has announced that it is offering a sizable cash reward for any information leading to the apprehension of the hacker who has taken responsibility for leaking unauthorised nude photos of Jennifer Lawrence, McKayla Maroney, Krysten Ritter, and a number of other female celebrities.

Jennifer Lawrence nude photos leaked“Although is a site that offers adult entertainment, we offer content that involves women that sign on to be seen naked by the world. Consent is the most important value of the adult business,” said co-founder Mike Kulich, reported AVN.

“What was executed by this individual is not only illegal, but shameful and we want this person brought to justice. Everyone is entitled to their privacy. These celebrities already struggle living in the public eye and having every move they make followed, but for someone to actually hack into their personal information and leak private photos like those to the world is inexcusable.”

Jennifer Lawrence nude photos leaked after apparent ‘iCloud hack’

According to the 4Chan user who has claimed responsibility for the hack, the photos were obtained without permission from the celebrities’ Apple iCloud accounts.

The hack is now being referred to as “Celebgate” and the anonymous 4Chan user has posted a list of additional celebrities he claims to have nude photos of.

The full list includes other recognisable names, such as Hayden Panettiere, Hilary Duff, Joanna Krupa, Jenny Mccarthy, Kate Upton, MaryKate Olsen, Selena Gomez and a number of others. The full list the hacker claims to have can be seen here.

“We are offering a very generous cash reward to anyone who can provide us with any information on the perpetrator.

That information will then be passed on to law enforcement and we hope that this 4Chan user is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and all the pictures are erased and destroyed.”

Anyone who may have any information can email through their contact page.

FBI leads hunt for hacker behind Jennifer Lawrence naked pictures

The FBI is leading the hunt for the hacker who stole naked photographs of Jennifer Lawrence and other female celebrities, a bureau spokesman said Monday, reports The Telegraph.

Jennifer LawrenceImages of the 24-year-old Oscar-winner began appearing on the website 4chan on Sunday night after the actress’s Apple iCloud account was apparently broken into.

Anonymous 4chan users claimed to have photographs of 100 women including the actresses Scarlett Johansson and Winona Ryder and the models Kate Upton and Cara Delevingne.

Lawrence’s publicist called the leaked photographs “a flagrant violation of privacy” and said that the authorities had been contacted.

The FBI will now take the lead in the investigation, with a spokesman saying the agency was “aware of the allegations concerning computer intrusions and the unlawful release of material involving high profile individuals, and is addressing the matter.”

Article credits: AVN | The Telegraph


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