Ambrosia Vibe reaches IndieGoGo target


Ambrosia Vibe: world’s first bionic strap-on that vibrates when touched.

The Ambrosia Vibe allows the strap-on wearer to actually “feel” the sexual stimulation applied to the dildo!

Stroke it, push it, pull it, suck on it, or move it inside someone in a rhythmic way.

The unique Ambrosia Pressure Sense Technology™ perceives the motion on the dildo and transfers sensation to the user via a vibrator at the base of the unit.

“The entire thing started because I was interested in getting into the field of teledildonics,” explained Dr. X, who in a past life worked as a quantum physicist for the government.

“My first version had various inputs and electronics housed in a complicated base.”

5 Ambrosia DildosWith input from friends and more, Xtreme has drastically modified the design of the Ambrosia and taken it to the people in the form of an campaign in an effort to fund production of the product.

Though the campaign still has more than two weeks to go, it has already reached more than 150 percent of the initial funding goal $32,000 and has started funding stretch goals.

The original version, Dr. X explained, had a complicated base, and input from friends and others got him to change the design, the performance and more.

Ambrosia Dildo & Bullet Vibe“I was getting feedback, and started thinking that I needed to be thinking about how a real body part functions and responds and work from that,” he told AVN.

“After seeing how many people are into strap-ons, I wanted to treat it not just like a sex toy, but as an extension of the body.”

About Orgasmatronics, Inc.

We believe in increasing the diversity of sexual experience for all people. We use the principles of applied physics to enhance current technologies and create fundamentally new products.

We keep our customers at the heart of our developmental process and embrace the range of sexual desire presented to us. We encourage open, uninhibited dialogue and employ a wide cross-section of “Master-Beta” testers for each toy. Your satisfaction is our success.

Our motto: “less pants, more science,” reminds us to ignore traditional constraints and explore our creativity both in the lab and in the bedroom. It inspires us to push the boundaries of existing methods.

To study new techniques. To invent. To make it possible for you to fulfill your sexual potential. Also, we hate wearing pants. Orgasmatronics.

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