Cat-inspired lingerie for feline lovers


The “luxurious” lingerie set has a bra designed to look like a pair of cat ears, and a tail more like an oddly shaped phallus.

Starting on October 14, the online shop Felissimo’s Nekobu (cat club) began selling “flufeel” lingerie designed to let the wearer essentially cosplay under their clothes every day, with friends and coworkers none the wiser.

The “luxurious” set has a bra designed to look like a pair of cat ears, and panties which come with… a detachable tail!?

Cat-inspired lingerie for feline loversMaybe you love cats so much that you wish you were one? Perhaps you’re looking for a way to feel feline without making it known to the entire world?

Or maybe you’re just considering a different kind of Halloween costume this year; one that your boyfriend will appreciate that bit more than usual witch, nurse or fairy.

An online store called Felissimo’s Nekobu (which translates to “cat club”) is selling the “flufeel” lingerie set, which includes a bra that looks like cat ears and underwear with a detachable tail.

The tail looks less like an actual cat’s and more like an oddly shaped phallus.

Each of the sets comes complete with a tiny fabric tail which can be easily attached to or removed from the waistband of the panties, reported

It’s a cute touch, and the fact that it’s removable is definitely an added bonus since having an object the size and shape of a sausage showing through your little black dress at the office Halloween party might turn a few more heads than you’d like.

If black cats aren’t your thing, it also comes in two other colours.

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