Love Life Products launch self-lubricating vibrators


Love Life Products are launching a new range of self-lubricating vibrators.

The Cascade product range is the first to feature Lube Play™, the world’s first self-lubrication technology.

Combining a luxury vibrator with the ability to release just the right amount of lubricant at the touch of a button.

Love Life Products Cascade Lubricant

The Cascade Ripple, Cascade Wave and Cascade Flow are UK designed by the dedicated team at Love Life Products, and created using the finest materials, the Cascade product ranges offers some of the most intelligent sex toys on the market today.

Love Life Products, a luxury sex toy brand, are launching a revolutionary new range of self-lubricating vibrators to the UK market.

With its soft rippled tip, the Cascade Ripple’s shape is perfect for reaching that ultimate of erogenous zones, the female G-Spot.

Ensuring all your indulgences are fulfilled, the Ripple is also perfect for external stimulation, with the Ripples providing that extra stimulation during your playtime.

The Cascade Wave, with a gently rippled shaft of super soft silicone, will add another sensation to your play, whilst the Cascade Flow offers a satin smooth silicone shaft, perfectly formed with a gently rounded crown making it ideal for external or internal stimulation. Ripple, Wave and Flow Sheaths are also available.

These removable and interchangeable silicon sleeves allow the user to turn any of the single vibrators into a toy collection.

The Cascade FlowThe entire range offers a powerful motor housed in the tip, with nine vibration settings and internal silicone dampening system, gives vibration only where you want, meaning you can stay in control.

A sensual waterbased lubricant has been specially formulated for use with the unique Cascade LubePlay system. Allowing you the ability to add as little or as much lubricant where ever you want.

Each pack contains 3 cartridges each with a capacity of 22mls. Each cartridge will offer up to 30 uses of the LubePlay button!

Cascade lubricant cartridges are to be used with the Cascade range of self lubricating products.

They have been designed specially to fit into the body of Cascade toys and create a hygienic airtight seal with the LubePlay pump assembly.

Cascade lubricant cartridges enable you to enjoy the full functionality of our products.

Cascade Cascade products are the first to feature Lube Play™, the world’s first true self-lubrication technology. Cascade and LubePlay™ Technology have been developed to allow you the freedom to explore and discover a new way to play. Combining a luxury vibrator with the ability to release just the right amount of lubricant at the touch of a button, Cascade, is a truly unique experience.

Designed in the UK by the dedicated team at Love Life Products, then created using the finest quality materials and lovingly packaged to complete the experience. For you or with a partner, Cascade products will add a new element to your play.

Love Life Love Life Products. Our mission is to create adult products with innovative and never before seen features. With our extensive knowledge of the adult industry and many years of design experience, we have a catalogue of exciting new concepts that we will be bringing to market in the near future.

Cascade is the first to be realeased and features patented LubePlay technology, a world’s first in self-lubrication technology.

Based in the UK, but utilizing resources from around the world, we aim to have a global presence and we are always looking for partners who share our vision of bringing innovation to the forefront of the adult novelties industry.

Love Life Products create our products for you, that makes your opinion the most important.


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