New Designer Brand iGino® launches iGino®one


New Designer Brand iGino® launches iGino®one.

iGino®one – Not just another personal massager.

After three months of crowdfunding on Indiegogo, the new adult industry brand iGino® is ready to launch its first revolutionary product, iGino®one.

iGino®one personal massager

Different from any other personal massager, iGino®one breaks the boredom of the usual shapes. As a high tech device, iGino®one is stylish, elegant and discreet and can be taken anywhere without embarrassment.

Beyond the beauty and the originality, iGino®one is unique for the innovative features that make it special:
The patented technology Vibramoove that combines vibrations and movement mimicking the natural feel of a woman’s fingers.

The Skintouch Head, a designed EVA-made sleeve to provide the most intense sensations even to the most sensitive people.

The Hygienic cover to protect the iGino one from dust and dirt.

iGino®one arrives in an elegant gift box and a luxury velvet pouch for the most discreet transportation at all times and appropriate storage.

iGino®one is available on for the launch price $99 USD ( tax excl.) and €99 (VAT and Duty inc.) for EU customers only.

The aim of iGino® is to give a sex-positive message for women and couples, so that they can feel free to express themselves and play with their body and their intimacy.

iGino®one personal massagerAbout iGino®

iGino® is a new designer brand for intimate lifestyle, focused on improving people’s lives through meaningful innovations. iGino® passion and yearning allows to create products reaching the limits that others wouldn’t dare to pursue.

It challenges each and every one to find her own true pleasure, both inside and out. iGino® pleasure objects stand as the most desirable products for individuals and couples.

Each product blends craftsmanship, design and innovation to achieve distinctive character and style.

iGino® integrates technologies and design into people-centric solutions based on fundamental customer insights and the brand promise “What Women Want”.

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