The Pleasure Loft launch Indiegogo campaign


The Pleasure Loft is a comprehensive online resource dedicated to helping users explore their sexual and sensual creativity.

An Indiegogo campaign to help fund the platform is set to go live on Monday, March 9.

The site has already drawn interest from thousands of subscribers, who have registered to begin publishing content, asking questions and sharing support.

“We’ve spent the last several months interacting with users, fostering new relationships and working tirelessly to get the word out about the Pleasure Loft’s mission, and we look forward to an explosive launch next week,” said Pleasure Loft Founder Langley Jacobs.

“Just like The Pleasure Loft revolves around the user, crowdfunding revolves around the crowd, so we’re hopeful that people will really respond to what we’re trying to accomplish.”

An initial Indiegogo goal of $30,000 will help further develop and perfect Stretch goals ranging up to $225,000 will fund other initiatives, like custom branded materials, an adult film festival and a Pleasure Loft toy truck. The fully functioning site will launch in late summer 2015.

Visit the Indiegog campaign here:

“The Pleasure Loft is all about exploring what excites you. As we like to say, ‘the pleasure is all yours,’” said Jacobs. “In that same respect, we’ve set our sights big as we approach this Indiegogo launch. We’re not afraid to put our dreams and passions out there, and that’s exactly what we hope to encourage in our users.”

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About The Pleasure Loft

Set to launch in summer 2015, The Pleasure Loft is the total online resource for men and women to access information, tools and romantic inspiration to infuse their relationships with passion and sexual creativity. The Pleasure Loft is a comprehensive website offering stories, poems, ideas, product reviews, news, articles and an adult gift boutique like no other.  Everything lovers need to embark on a romantic adventure and achieve new heights of passion, sexual satisfaction, and memories that last a lifetime begins with The Pleasure Loft. Learn more at

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Visit the Indiegog campaign here:



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