Titcoin profiled by Men’s Health Mag


Titcoin has another proverbial feather in their cap.

Titcoin Founder, Edward Mansfield, was interviewed by Men’s Health Magazine.

The article entitled “The Disappearing Paying Porn Consumer Who Actually Pays for Porn Anymore? An Investigation” delves into cryptocurrency as a way to anonymously buy adult products and services, saying Titcoin “isn’t any more traceable than a dollar bill stuffed into a stripper’s G-string.”

Titcoin logoRead the article in its entirety by going to http://www.menshealth.com/sex-women/who-buys-porn.

“If Titcoin helps the adult industry by getting people to pay for goods or services, rather than stealing them, we’re all for it,” says Edward Mansfield.

“Titcoin isn’t just for the consumer, but for the industry also, and we’re going to be announcing some new partnerships very soon.”

Other exciting news for Titcoin is that as of last week, Bluetrade (the currency exchange they’re on) is now allowing direct Titcoin to U.S. Dollar conversion. And, Titcoin is the only adult currency that can be converted into Fiat money aka Dollars.

Media inquiries about Titcoin should be directed to Erika Icon of The Rub PR at erika@therubpr.com

About Titcoin

Launched in June of 2014, Titcoin is digital currency designed specifically for the 10 billion dollar adult industry.

Titcoin logo

Launched in June of 2014, Titcoin is digital currency designed specifically for the 10 billion dollar adult industry.

Like Bitcoin, it is a cryptocurrency that allows anonymity and privacy for the users. Online sites can garner more business since it allows customers to make purchases without a credit card or bank account, and their profits are protected since there are no chargebacks.

Titcoin was founded by Edward Mansfield, an in digital media and online advertising guru with 20 years of experience, and Richard Allen, who has 25 solid years as a mastermind of business development.

Titcoin has been profiled in Men’sHealth Magazine, Vice Magazine, Gizmodo, Bustle, AVN, and XBIZ.

They may have a catchy name and a sexy logo, but their goal is to be the go-to for the adult industry for digital currency.

Get your wallet and start using Titcoin today by going to http://www.titcoins.biz or http://www.titcoin.xxx.

What is Digital Currency?

Digital currency is an electronically created medium of exchange that can be used to purchase products and services.

It essentially functions as a form of electronic cash whereby transactions occur through internet-enabled devices such as a computer, tablet or smartphone.

Transactions are processed through a self-regulating computer network eliminating the need for financial institutions and traditional payment processors.

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