CAM4 performers in BBC Three “Webcam Boys”


CAM4 performers are set to feature in BBC Three documentary “Webcam Boys”.

CAM4, the world’s largest adult webcam community is delighted to announce that 3 of their performers will be featured in “Webcam Boys”, a BBC Three one off television documentary.

CAM4 has revealed that in the last 5 years (January 2011 to December 2015 inclusive) nearly 100,000 British men have broadcast on CAM4 resulting in over 3.5 million shows lasting over 7.1 million hours.

The BBC Three documentary explores and examines the online world of male web cam performers. It delves deeper into the reasons why men choose to do webcam work and what impact this has on their lives.

CAM4 performers were approached by the documentary makers, as the site features men from all walks of life and they wanted the programme to reflect this. The men featured reveal what got them into webcam sex.

CAM4 logo, CAM4 performers in BBC Three “Webcam Boys”For some, CAM4 offers a safe place to explore their sexuality and flaunt their bodies, they love and enjoy the attention from having hundreds of people watch them live from all over the world. For others it’s a way to pay their bills and earn a monthly income.

Joseph / Joey (pictured) ( who hosts webcam shows 5 days a week from a shed refurbished by his parents specifically for his online career will feature. As will 22 year old Martyn ( who has been working as a full-time webcam model and performs sex shows since he was 16.

“Webcam Boys” will be broadcast on 3rd February 2016 at 10pm or can be viewed on iPlayer post broadcast via the BBC website.

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