Woman, 86, publishes steamy Romance novel


Great-Great-Grandmother just published a “Steamy” romance novel.

An 86-year-old Salt Lake woman has published her first novel, a romance, which she says is steamy.

Georgia Gorringe is a wife, mother, even a great-great grandmother. Now, she’s an author, having published her first novel earlier this year.

The book is a romance novel called No Good-Bye. It’s written under her pen name, Georgie Marie.

“Gloria never told Dr. Ben that hearing his voice made her knees go weak and quiver. It was almost orgasmic,” writes 86-year-old great-great-grandmother Georgia Gorringe in her first novel No Good-Bye. The “steamy romance” novel came out in February and will be in bookstores soon [via KUTV].

In the novel, a bored housewife listens to the radio and discovers a man with a magically sexy voice. “Oh, that voice turns her on!” Gorringe says. The housewife listens to the SeXy RaDiO in front of her husband to defy him …which totally get her rocks off.

“It’s about a bored housewife, and she listens to talk radio,” said Gorringe.

No Goodbye by Georgie Marie“And that voice on the radio, oh, he had a magic voice! And it just turned her on!”

Indeed, the book’s subject matter is very mature in parts. “Sometimes I’m like, mother, how could you do that? How can you write that?” said Posey. “But she did!”

“It took me five years to write it,” Gorringe explains. She’s especially proud of the “surprising ending,” which took years to write. “I think they better read it to find out.”

Her children, though, say they’re just thrilled that after years of work, their 86-year-old mother was finally able to publish her book.

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