Women try boudoir photography for the first time


Does the idea of stripping down to lingerie and letting a complete stranger take sexy pictures terrify you?

What about filming the whole process and putting the video online, as in boudoir photography?

Well spare a thought for three journalists at Bustle, who did just that. At first the brave volunteers Anna, Kelsea and Marie are hesitant and shy, reported The Independent.

boudoir photographyTurns out getting naked in front of a bunch of strangers is just as awkward as you’d think. And putting massive sticky lollipops on your boobs feels a bit weird. But they definitely get into the swing of things.

boudoir photographyAfter the shoot, Anna said: “These pictures really capture a confident, sexy woman, but between takes you’ve got this girl like, not able to walk in heels, and stuttering, so it really shows you how images are just a millisecond of time.”

boudoir photography

So, just what is boudoir photography?

Boudoir photography is a sexy new trend that’s especially popular as a wedding day gift from a bride to her groom . Boudoir photos are usually taken wearing either just a little, or well, nothing at all.

Boudoir photography usually takes place in a setting such as a bedroom or a hotel room… an intimate setting to create classy images that can be soft, romantic, sexy, sensual, or naughty.

The main focus of a boudoir photographer is to capture you in the most flattering way by guiding you through the poses that compliment your body type.

All three women said they enjoyed the boudoir photography experience. “It’s just something to be happy with for yourself.”

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