The unfortunate news is that following the general public spanking Epping Ongar Railway has got after letting Brazzers shoot a porn video on the heritage railway in Essex, the chance of one other porno ever being shot there’s nil.

The excellent news is that Brazzers can lay claim to having the one porno shot at Epping Ongar Railway.

Assuming this story is not a tall story (it being April 1 and all), The Telegraph details the outrage levied on the so-known as “household-based business” by “mother and father [who] have slammed the decision to permit American porn movie firm, Brazzers, to shoot a 28-minute movie…”

The article continues, “The movie — which features a brunette lady dressed in school uniform having intercourse on a train — has already been seen more than 235,000 occasions. The footage has come to attention of fuming locals simply days before tons of of kids flock to the railway for their annual Easter egg hunt.” Holy huevos!

Brazzers can lay claim to having the only porno shot at Epping Ongar Railway
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Epping Ongar Railway – Photo: ©2012 Ian Boyle –

The paper quoted one upset mother, Amanda Mendel, a mom of two from Ongar, who quipped, “They promote it as a household-based enterprise however one minute it is Peppa Pig and Father Christmas and the following it is an orgy train.” Hmmm. An orgy train. Not a bad thought.

The verbose Mendel was not done, nevertheless. “You can’t cease companies doing what they need nevertheless it would not seem right,” she complained. “It makes you marvel what went on within the train.”

Inevitably, rants like that pressured the railway to rapidly issue an apology. Epping Ongar’s business growth supervisor elaborated, “Now we have made the railway accessible for business rent on quite a few occasions to generate cash for our initiatives and operating the trains. Earlier this year we took a choice to permit an adult movie, subject to certain conditions, to be filmed on the railway.

Brazzers blonde model
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“We’re sorry that our choice might have prompted offence.” he added. “It’s clear that this choice was an error of judgment. We are able to confirm that now we have put in place a policy to refuse any additional approaches for this sort of production.”

What’s kind of fascinating about that is the relative velocity with which people discover out about a shoot that in earlier occasions would possibly very well have flown underneath the radar for weeks or months. Not anymore.

Like politicians’ silly genital tweets to on-line paramours, even small local companies have to be taught the unlucky lesson that even being a location for on-line porn is forever and ever and ever.

We’d add that the concept no hanky panky has ever taken place on a railway that opened in 1865 is simply not possible to take seriously.

Even English mums know that trains by their very nature are conducive to erotic ideas and actions.

In that sense, the Brazzers shoot was probably simply one other notch on the belt of a beautiful British railway.