Much of the adult industry will be descending upon Las Vegas for multiple trade and award shows.

With a huge pool of talent and directors in town, it’s the perfect time to get some filming done.

702 Locations
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And to film, you need locations — 702 locations has you covered with high-end houses and exotic dwellings to rent on a daily or weekly basis.

“Since we started 702 locations, we’ve worked with all the major studios and directors that film out of Vegas,” says owner John “JC” Baumgartner.

“If you’re coming to Vegas for the shows, you should definitely film here to get some new interiors and exteriors for your content.”

Need further incentive to film during the month of January? 702 Locations will be offering special rates January 15 through 31st.

Let 702 Locations help you find the perfect spot. Contact John “JC” Baumgartner via phone at 702.469.3999.

Go to to view properties available.

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About 702 Locations

John “JC” Baumgartner, a licensed real estate agent with an entrepreneurial spirit, saw the need for a company specializing in real estate sales and rentals for the adult and mainstream industries and beyond.

702 Locations can find you the perfect spot for filming including high-end houses, exotic dwellings, warehouses, and decorated sets, or the perfect home to buy in the Las Vegas area.

Visit for more information and to view some of the properties available