Aneros® Is… Campaign Launch

The popular sexual health and wellness innovator, Aneros®, is rolling out an exciting three-month long global marketing campaign to help educate and inform consumers of the rich history of Aneros.

Over the three-months, the campaign will include who Aneros® is as a brand and company, what the company is to consumers with reviews and experiences, and what’s in store for the future!

The goal of this campaign is to help educate and provide vital information to their users and individuals who have never used an Aneros® product. It will also provide information on how Aneros differentiate themselves from other brands as well as their overall mission, goals and business practices in the sexual health and wellness world.

A brief breakdown of the campaign includes:v

  • Month 1 (“Who Aneros Is to them): Primary focus is on the rich history of who
    “Aneros Is” ; as well as some personal insight from executive management at Aneros.
  • Month 2 (“Who Aneros is to YOU”): Primary focus is what “Aneros Is”; to their
    customers. This will consist of personal reviews, quotes, potentially videos, etc. from
    Aneros users and their relationship with the brand.
  • Month 3 (“Where Aneros Is Going”): This will include details of “Where Is Aneros
    Going?”; and “What’s Next?”; and “What Does The Future Look Like For Aneros?”.

The sexual health and wellness leader is currently looking for personal reviews, life experiences, and any feedback from Aneros’ users. If you’d like to contribute and potentially be featured in the campaign, please feel free to complete the online form here.

If you have any questions or would like more information regarding the campaign or Aneros in general, please refer to their website at

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