Gia Moore recently made an appearance of the Jiggy Jaguar show to promote her specialized line of fragrances.

Owner of Gia Moore Gifts, Gia Moore recently visited the Jiggy Jaguar Show to talk about the genesis behind her line of fragrance.

G by Gia Moore has been struck by a wave of popularity. Sales have continued to grow as owner Gia continues to work tirelessly promoting the brand. To create awareness for the passion producing products, Gia connected with the Jiggy Jaguar show for a revealing interview.
“I’m thrilled that people are interested in my products,” said Gia. “A lot of hard work went into perfecting these scents. Now I am ready to take people behind the scenes and talk about what went into creating these gifts.”
The Jiggy Jaguar interview with Gia Moore can be found online here:
For those who are interested in Gia’s popular products, the catalog of her collection can be found at Romantic gifts found there include scented candles, decadent chocolates, perfumes and more.
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About Gia Moore

Gia immigrated from South America years ago in search of the American Dream.

Porn star Gia Moore
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After a string of jobs, she briefly worked in the legal field before her newfound modeling career sent her across the globe to places like Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, and Israel.

Gia had always been interested in fragrances and found herself guided by various scents. During her travels she began to realize that fragrances from different places evoke unique feelings and can impact perception and attraction.

After visiting the English hot springs in Bath, Gia began to explore local perfumeries across France and Italy and became inspired to learn the art of perfumery. The sexy Colombian model combined her knowledge of pheromones and fragrances to create a line of scents with the ability to appeal to a wide group of people.

Gia’s profound belief that specific aromas can serve as aphrodisiacs to trigger an association with erotic emotions and sexual stimulation, led her to create what she calls “sexuality in a bottle.”

She released her first original fragrance in Summer 2014 with hopes that the scent would encourage people to embrace and explore their sexuality. Shortly after introducing her trademark scents – G for Ladies and G for Men, was launched and in addition to fragrances, Gia also sells candles and chocolates.

G by Gia has been nominated for Outstanding Product Line at the 2015 AVN “O” Awards which celebrate achievements in the the pleasure product industry.

Masked beauty Gia Moore can be found selling her goods at adult conventions across the U.S. including the AVN Novelty Expo and Exxxotica events.