Gamelink’s Jeff Dillon has launched 90-Day Fitness Challenge. 90-Day Fitness Challenge encourage colleagues and friends in the adult industry to create healthier nutrition and fitness habits in 2016, following the busy award and trade show season.

Registration for the 90-Day Fitness Challenge is open now, and entrants will be accepted through February 15. The effort encourages industry members to get fit and lose weight and inches over 90 days, with a male and female winner selected at contest’s end.

“We are challenging industry members to join us in a campaign where everyone wins by becoming healthier, more fit, and more aware of their nutritional and exercise needs,” said Jeff Dillon, president of business development for eLine, parent company of GameLink.

GameLink’s Jeff Dillon Launches 90-Day Fitness Challenge
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”As a former bodybuilder and an industry veteran, I understand the need for fitness and the demands of work in a competitive industry like ours, so I encourage everyone in the business to take time to join the 90-Day Fitness Challenge,” added Dillon.

Those joining the 90-Day Fitness Challenge which runs from February 1 to May 1, may join by visiting, submitting a $50 fee, then submitting full-body photos of the front and side which will be deemed the “Before Photos.”

The photos, along with height, weight, and waist measurements, must then be e-mailed to Dillon no later than February 15.

When the contest ends on May 1, contestants must submit their “After Photos,” along with height, weight, and waist measurements no later than May 2 to be judged. Winners will be selected on May 7.

The winners will be the contestants who had the biggest transformation and NOT those who lost the most weight, since the goal is to reduce body fat and improve muscle mass.

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Prizes and sponsors for AdultFit90 will be announced in the coming weeks.

To join or learn more, please visit

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