The Private Pleasure Condom Line of Level consists of three different types of condoms and features the European CE0120 mark.

The different types of Level Condoms are available at various sales outlets from now on.

Level presents three different types of condoms, each with its own unique feature. Each condom comes with a subtle vanilla mask so that it does not smell like standard rubber. This will benefit the mood.

Level introduces Private Pleasure Condoms
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The Level Private Pleasure Condom line has been developed to keep the passion in a relationship high, allowing you to experience all the intimate and intense moments in a safe way.

Level Popular Condoms: The standard condom of Level with a nominal width of 56mm and an anatomical fit. Equipped with lubricant and a subtle vanilla mask.

Level Delicate Condoms: The ultra-thin condom of Level with a nominal width of 56mm and an anatomical fit. Thanks to this ultra-thin condom, you feel more while making love and you are as protected as with a standard condom. The Level Delicate Condoms feature lubricant and a subtle vanilla mask.

Level Performance Condoms: With the Level Performance Condoms, the man can postpone his orgasm in a natural way. Thanks to the design, this condom is slightly thicker in the right places, so the man has less feeling and can last longer!

This condom has a nominal width of 56mm and has an anatomical fit. Equipped with lubricant and a subtle vanilla mask.

Availability Level Private Pleasure Condoms
The different types of Level Condoms are available in packages of 5, 10 and 24 condoms. Level Condoms are available at and other online retail outlets.

About Level

Level is a Dutch manufacturer of adult lifestyle products such as condoms and lubricants. Level is a young company and develops the most intimate lifestyle products of high quality with full enthusiasm in order to offer you the best and most intense and intimate experience.

Reliability & Quality of Level
Because intimate products like condoms and lubricants must meet high expectations, we believe that quality and innovation is very important. Level products are therefore always subject to rigorous safety tests and tested by a specific custom test panel. Only when all the lights in this complex process are green then the products are put on the market. Therefore we can be sure hat we stand 100% behind all our products.

We believe that all products by Level should be luxurious and also show this. Aside the fact that products are very reliable and need to be of high quality, they also need to be user-friendly and something that will give you just a little extra. For instance, the bottles of Level Lubricant are very sturdy, do not leak and allow you to use the perfect dosage so you won’t ever have to use more than needed, and not spill. The dark bottles with shiny letters provide the finishing touch when it comes to their look.

Innovation is very important to us. Sometimes existing products have been already so far developed that further innovation for this product is partially not necessary for the user. Then we leave this product as it is (Level Popular Condoms!). Yet we can leave this product like it is and develop it further at the same time and launch it next to the existing product. This is how the Level Performance Condom has come into existence for example: an anatomically designed condom which ensure that the male climax can be delayed in a natural way, without the addition of any chemical products.

Are you ready for the Next Level in your relationship?

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