With Lust Jobs, looking for adult jobs online has just gotten easier.

Lust Jobs has added an interactive map as a new feature, so visitors can directly hone in on the areas in the world where they want to find work.

Click on the continent, then country or state, and then the city. All you have to do is look for the numbers, which denote the number of jobs that exist in that continent, country, state or city.

To use the new tool go to LustJobs.com and look for Interactive Map at the top of the page or go directly to http://www.lustjobs.com/map/.

There are 14 job categories available on Lust Jobs including affiliates, exotic dancers, technology, photography or ten other categories. This unique marketplace offers not only unique jobs, but also detailed descriptions and rate of pay.

Lust Jobs offer jobs and services in the U.S., Europe, Australia and Asia.

It’s free for job seekers and employers. Feature ads and banners are also available at stellar rates.

“Many photographers and videographers have trouble finding models in their area,” says owner Helmuts Meskonis. “The new interactive map feature should help jobs seekers and potential employers get linked together more easily. The tool is in its early stages right now, and we will be adding more features in the future.”

About Lust Jobs

There are other sites to find adult jobs out there, but none quite like Lust Jobs.

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Entrepreneur Helmuts Meskonis saw a need for a better way to find adult jobs, so he created Lust Jobs. No matter what your specialty in adult, they have a job for you including affiliates, exotic dancers, modeling, webcamming and much more.

The service is free to job seekers and employers, mobile-friendly, and all jobs are verified for legitimacy via propriety software and dedicated employees checking each ad. Jobs are fresh and updated daily.

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Log onto http://www.lustjobs.com today and find your dream job.

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