OhMiBod places the importance of sexual health on center stage at its sixth visit to CES, the world’s largest showcase of emerging technology.

OhMiBod’s sexual health and lifestyle products will be on display in the iProducts section (North Hall) of the Las Vegas Convention Center, booth 6712.

“The majority of women experience a weakening of the pelvic floor due to childbirth and age,” says Suki Dunham, founder of OhMiBod.

The sex tech manufacturer will feature two groundbreaking innovations: TASL, an interactive app with sexual health and well-being functionality, and Lovelife krush, a smart Kegel exerciser that uses haptic feedback (visual and vibratory) and voice-guided training programs to aid women in strengthening pelvic floor (PC) muscles.

The Lovelife krush is connected via BLE 4.0 (Bluetooth Low Energy) and equipped with built-in sensor technology. The Kegel exerciser is also an internable — a new class of health-monitoring devices that are located within the body instead of worn externally. These advanced features make the Lovelife krush a natural evolution of OhMiBod’s growing line of connected pleasure products.

“Our Lovelife krush measures the pressure, control, endurance, and grip of PC muscles and helps women strengthen them through training challenges. Stronger PC muscles can lead to stronger, more intense orgasms. They also aid in keeping incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse at bay,” says Suki Dunham, founder of OhMiBod.

OhMiBod TASL, an interactive app with sexual health and well-being functionality
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With the new TASL (The Art and Science of Love) app, OhMiBod cements its position at the intersection of technology and sexual health. TASL (pronounced taz-É™l) offers PC muscle fitness training with enhanced lifestyle tracking and dashboard monitoring — ideal functionality for those who own the Lovelife krush.

The innovative app can also be used for pleasure. It features built-in patterns and uses gamification to help motivate users to achieve training goals that, in turn, will unlock hidden features.

“Studies have shown a direct correlation between healthy sex lives and physical and emotional well-being,” added Dunham. “TASL allows people to put the keys to better sexual health directly in their hands.”

Visitors to the OhMiBod booth can preorder the Lovelife krush—the company’s first internable product— at lovelifetoys.com for $75, a significant discount from the retail price of $129. Customers who preorder the krush will also receive Lovelife natural lubricant as a complimentary gift with their purchase.

Lovelife krush will be available in spring 2016. OhMiBod will also showcase the Lovelife Explore, Snuggle, Dare, and Wanderlust at CES 2016. The two personal massagers and pleasure plugs are couples friendly and enjoyable for all genders.

For more on OhMiBod at CES 2016, visit booth 6712 in the iProducts section (North Hall) of the Las Vegas Convention Center or ohmibod.com

About OhMiBod

OhMiBod is the creator of the original music vibrator and an award-winning innovator of technology-focused pleasure products. Headquartered in New Hampshire, USA, OhMiBod seeks to be the catalyst that shifts cultural attitudes toward intimacy and self pleasure and the vital role it plays in one’s sexual health and well being.

For more information on OhMiBod and its range of pleasure products and accessories, visit www.OhMiBod.com

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