On Saturday night, APN’s AltPorn Awards took place and was well attended by nominees, models, press and other VIPs.

Many awards were given out through the night, but one of the most impressive wins was Old Nick Magazine nabbing the Best ALT Magazine Award.

Although Old Nick Editor and Publisher Bob Johnson wasn’t on hand to accept his awesome cut-crystal award, he was elated with his win.

Old Nick magazine cover
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“The staff of Old Nick Magazine is thrilled to be honoured with this award and our heartfelt thanks go out to MyFreeCams and the AltPornAwards for recognising us as the first magazine to receive the accolade at their first live awards show. Finally, the Devil gets his due!” says Johnson.

Presented by MyFreeCams, the ceremony took place at Bar Sinister in Hollywood. Jeffrey Damnit served as Master of Ceremonies and Malice McMunn joined him on stage as a Trophy Goddess.

VIP attendees were spoiled with an open bar, big after party, and goodie bags with swag from MyFreeCams, Bad Dragon, BlueBlood, Pleasure Chest, and more.

Old Nick Magazine & wesbite is created for the forgotten man…the man who longs for the time of the genuine gentleman with a dark bent. The sophisticate who demonstrates manners and grace in every circumstance whether he’s at a formal affair or a ball game.

“We’re here for the man who opens doors for women, who prefers wine to beer and may not always order one, but knows what ingredients make up a fine, dry martini.”

“We’re here for the man who loves women with curves, and who feel, smell and act like women. We love to be teased, but ladies, please deliver the goods! Welcome all you who are rogues, libertines and voluptuaries at heart.”

Visit Old Nick’s website at oldnickmagazine.com

About Old Nick Magazine

Known as “Playboy with Horns”, Old Nick is devilishly good men’s entertainment. “Old Nick” is another name for the devil.

Known as “Playboy with Horns”, Old Nick is devilishly good men’s entertainment. “Old Nick” is another name for the devil
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The magazine adopted the moniker and created the publication for the genuine gentlemen with a dark bent, who enjoys fine wine, a juicy steak, a seasoned cigar, and women with curves.

The zine combines explicit photo layouts with a touch of goth, horror, and metal. Old Nick also features exclusive articles and interviews focusing on the obscure and often taboo.

Launched in 2006, the magazine was launched by Dr. Robert Johnson, a doctor of human sexuality. Johnson’s magazine and adult experience is vast and includes prestigious positions at XBIZ Magazine as a Freelance Editor, Penthouse Magazine Writer, VP and Editorial Director for High Society, Cheri, Playgirl, and Celebrity Skin, Executive Director at Vivid Video, and Executive Producer and Director of Digital Production & Marketing at Playboy.

Visit Old Nick’s website at oldnickmagazine.com. Buy a single issue or four digital issues online. Print issues can be purchased at magcloud.com

Follow them on social media on Twitter @oldnickmagazine, IG @oldnickmag, and Facebook