The Pleasure Loft and HumanCurious announced today a new partnership in the online adult services industry.

The Pleasure Loft is in the midst of a crowdfunding campaign to finance development of a comprehensive new web platform for sexuality and sensuality.

Through this new partnership, adult card game maker HumanCurious will provide support for the campaign in the form of rewards for campaign backers.

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One-stop sexuality platform joins forces with adult game maker

“We’re always on the lookout for opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals and companies, and The Pleasure Loft shares many of our core values,” said Georgiana, owner of HumanCurious.

“We’re excited to lend our support to this Indiegogo campaign, and look forward to bringing our unique brand of adult card games to the Pleasure Loft audience.”

As part of the collaboration, Pleasure Loft campaign backers will be able to select a newly added $65 perk titled ‘Master of Ardor,’ which includes HumanCurious’ signature card game for couples, Ardor. The game incorporates activities and questions designed to boost intimacy and help couples explore one another’s unique desires.

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“Whether you’re just getting to know a new partner or have been with the same person for years, Ardor is a great way to spark passion and creative experimentation,” said Pleasure Loft founder Langley Jacobs. “That’s what the Pleasure Loft hopes to encourage as well, so we’re very pleased to have Ardor and HumanCurious on board as part of our campaign.”

The Pleasure Loft Indiegogo campaign aims to raise $30,000 by April 8, 2015. To learn more or claim your ‘Master of Ardor’ perk, please visit

About The Pleasure Loft

Set to launch in summer 2015, The Pleasure Loft is the total online resource for men and women to access information, tools and romantic inspiration to infuse their relationships with passion and sexual creativity. The Pleasure Loft is a comprehensive website offering stories, poems, ideas, product reviews, news, articles and an adult gift boutique like no other.  Everything lovers need to embark on a romantic adventure and achieve new heights of passion, sexual satisfaction, and memories that last a lifetime begins with The Pleasure Loft. Learn more at

About Ardor

Ardor is an adult card game that explores human sexuality through curiosity and communication. It’s a sincere and honest way to explore your desires, passions, insecurities and feelings with your partner in a fun and playful manner. Ardor improves communication, boosts intimacy, and introduces new sexual activities and leads to strengthened relationships for couples who play it. For more information, visit

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