– Junk Productions joined the fastest growing streaming platform!

Smutty Network is proud to announce that Junk Productions will debut today on SmuttyFlix.

Junk Productions, AKA Norman Jean, is a breath of fresh air into the porn production industry as it presents itself as adult poetry.

“Embedded with an exquisite sense of good taste and aesthetics, Junk XXX is a delight to the senses and stamina for the mind” stated Mike Pinto, CEO of Smutty Network. Furthermore, “we will be releasing new scenes every week, for the next four months, at least, to take our members in a journey into the mind of one of the best adult film makers of our time: Norman Jean”

Titles like “What Dreams May Come”, “The Promotion” and “EVOL” will be made available today and will be closely followed by the rest of the filmmaker’s storytelling scenes.

“We’re incredibly excited for the opportunity to display our content on SmuttyFlix.” says Junk Productions CEO Norman Jean. Moreover, “The partnership built between Junk and Smutty Network is a solid step toward achieving higher quality content within the adult space.”

About Junk Productions

Junk XXX is an experimental erotic production company based in California. We create high quality, tasteful and short narrative-driven videos.

About Smutty Network

Smutty Network is the umbrella brand for: -> Flagship Social Network. A comprehensive adult-oriented, NSFW-friendly. It is the perfect platform to promote adult content and enjoy everything related to the NSFW lifestyle! -> Premium Content Platform. It provides content creators a reliable, safe platform to monetize content and take full advantage of the SmuttyFy community. -> Next generation Adult Streaming Platform. Adult does not mean Porn, means 18+ shows, documentaries, interviews, podcasts, reality tv, stand up comedy and (yes) porn!

For more information, visit or email for more detailed information.

Indie Adult Cinema by Porn Filmmakers with Feminist, Queer, and Ethical Perspectives

Indie Adult Cinema by Porn Filmmakers with Feminist, Queer, and Ethical Perspectives

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