Powerhouse adult entertainment agency Society 15 signs popular performer veronicarodriguez.com for representation.

The licensed and bonded agency, owned by Kendra Lust, has been wildly successful since its launch in late 2015.

“I decided to join the Society 15 family, Kendra Lust and Randy Quintana, because they have treated me great,” said Veronica.

Establishing a reputation of solid professionalism, Society 15 has been gaining momentum and attracting the industry’s top talent. Now Veronica Rodriguez has tapped S15 to represent her.

“They are amazing, honest people and I’m looking forward to our future together.”

Veronica Rodriguez has tapped Society 15 to represent her

Veronica is available for solos, Girl/Girl, Boy/Girl and Boy/Girl/Girl and can be booked via Society 15 here. Veronica has already filmed a scene for an upcoming Lust Army Productions; Kendra’s Way.

Fellow Society 15 client, Kenzie Taylor, is seeing her career skyrocket as she has been signed to an exclusive interracial 6-month contract with top production company ArchAngel Video.

Kenzie Taylor
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Kenzie Taylor made an incredible impact with her high-energy sex scenes

The relatively new performer has made an incredible impact with her high-energy sex scenes. With an ArchAngel contract in place the blonde beauty is on her way to becoming one of the industry’s break-out stars of the year.

“I’m so excited to say I’m now part of the ArchAngel family!” said Kenzie. “It’s a great feeling to be asked to be part of something so big! ArchAngel is an amazing company and I’m honoured to work with and for them. Since signing with Society 15, I feel like there will always be great things to come ahead. With such a power team of agents such as Kendra Lust and Randy Quintana, the opportunities that lie ahead are endless. So many big things are coming this year. I cannot wait for you all to see!”

Kenzie has already filmed and made the cover of First Anal Lust for Lust Army Productions / ArchAngel Video which can be seen here.

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