Just a few months ago, former Skid Row drummer and AVN Award-winning director, Phil Varone, launched his Las Vegas based adult talent agency, The V Agency.

“I’m proud to be a member of LATATA and to be apart of our great industry,” says Phil Varone.

The V Agency strives to be a different kind of agency that not only books models, but offers to brand, develop and manage their careers.

They are highly selective and also cross their talent over to mainstream projects. Now, the licensed and bonded agency is officially the newest member of LATATA.

The V Agency logo
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“I would like to thank all of the members for inviting me in with open arms, and I’m excited for the future of our business.”

“We are all very excited that Phil has joined LATATA,” says Sandra McCarthy, co-owner of OC Modeling and LATATA Secretary. “It’s an honor to have someone so famous as a member.”

The V Agency joins the current line up of agencies that include 101 Modeling, Adult Talent Managers (ATMLA), Foxxx Modeling, Ideal Image Models, Matrix Models, Motley Models, OC Modeling, and Spiegler Girls.

LATATA recently launched their brand new website www.latata.org which explains their mission, the role of an agent, and why talent should only work with licensed agencies.


LATATA is an adult entertainment industry non-profit trade organization that was formed between licensed agencies within the adult entertainment business in 2009.

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As one cohesive unit, the trade association has the ability to address issues that an individual may not be able take on by themselves, with the primary function of the organization assuring the longevity and well being of the adult entertainment industry as a whole, while promoting the interests of the Artists and Agencies so working within it.

LATATA’s goals are to promote the highest standards of responsible talent representation in the industry for the benefit of all who work with agencies, agents and talent.

One of its current efforts and aims is to diminish or remove the myriad unlicensed and illegally operating agencies that have grown up within the adult industry. As its name states, LATATA is an organization open only to those properly licensed by the State to conduct business as a talent agency/agent.

Current agency members include 101 Modeling, Adult Talent Managers, Foxxx Modeling, Ideal Image Models, Matrix Models, Motley Models, OC Modeling, Spiegler Girls, and The V Agency, who are all licensed to operate in the State of California.

For more information, visit their website www.latata.org