Newest Titcoin team member Patrick ‘PK’ McDonnell has started an online newspaper simply called “The Paper”, which debuted last week.

Updated weekly, the new online journal features everything Titcoin, including photos of the team, coverage of Edward Mansfield at Webmaster Access, a sneak peek at the new spokesmodel, and info about models signing at their booth at Exxxotica NJ. View “The Paper” and check back for frequent updates at

“’The Paper’ will help investors, partners and others keep up with Titcoin’s developments and ventures,” says Pat McDonnell, Director of Business Development.

“We have so much going on every day that Twitter and other social media outlets aren’t enough, so that’s why I started ‘The Paper’. It’s all part of the takeover and why we’re the official digital currency of the adult entertainment industry.”

“The Paper” is the first phase of new projects and media coming up for Titcoin, which include an official spokesmodel, a promotions/street team company, an online magazine and much more.

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Also lined up is their booth at Exxxotica New Jersey November 7th through the 9th and team member Edward Mansfield will be running a panel on digital currency.

If you’re an adult company or performer interested in learning more about Titcoin and/or taking it as payment, please contact Pat at

Find out more about Titcoin and set up your wallet by going to

About Titcoin

Launched in June of 2014, Titcoin is the official digital currency of the adult entertainment industry.

Like Bitcoin, it is a crypto currency that allows anonymity and privacy for the users. Online sites can garner more business since it allows customers to make purchases without a credit card or bank account, and their profits are protected since there are no chargebacks.

And unlike most other crypto currencies, Titcoin has exponentially speedier transactions—you get your money in under six minutes, without any unnecessary waiting.

Edward Mansfield, a digital media and online advertising guru with 20 years of experience, and Richard Allen, who has 25 solid years as a mastermind of business development, both founded Titcoin. Patrick ‘PK’ McDonnell (AKA The Coyote of Wall Street) recently joined the team and brings with him 23 years of experience on Wall Street.

Titcoin has been profiled in CNET, Men’sHealth Magazine, Vice Magazine, Gizmodo, Bustle, Soundcrave, AVN, and XBIZ.

They may have a catchy name and a sexy logo, but their goal is to be the go-to for the adult industry for digital currency. Get your wallet and start using Titcoin today by going to or

Keep up with their ever-growing empire by following them on Twitter at @OfficialTitcoin and liking them on Facebook.

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