The showstopping tokidoki X Lovehoney unicorn wand has been featured on major US website,

The lifestyle site, is visited by almost 22 million unique users a month and is another example of the quirky collaboration infiltrating the mainstream press.

tokidoki X Lovehoney unicorn wand
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Kate Hodgson Egan says: “We’re delighted to be able to tell our customers when we achieve key consumer coverage for our product ranges.

The tokidoki X Lovehoney range is stand-out, colourful and this translates across onto the shop floor too. Cosmopolitan is a great title to be featured in as the audience is exactly who we designed this range for.”

The tokidoki X Lovehoney range continues to sell well across the US with the most recent collection of products, series II attracting the interest of new accounts all over the country. The ranges are perfectly complimented by Lovehoney’s in-house designed POS.

Tokidoki X Product Description

Awaken arousal in a storm of vibration with this ultra-strength multispeed wand. Plug-in powered for incessant stimulation and featuring a removable silicone head attachment, this adorable unicorn wand will fan the flames of magical intimate encounters.

A scroll-wheel control puts the power of pleasure at your fingertips with this premium wand vibrator, which is based on Lovehoney’s #1 bestselling design. Begin your adventures with gently fluttering vibrations, then hold tight as you explore the otherworldly delights afforded by the stronger speeds.

Liberate your love, energy and intention and see your dreams draw towards you like magnets with the tokidoki x Lovehoney pleasure collection.

Coat the wand head or unicorn with water-based lubricant before play for best-possible pleasure.

Tokidoki X Key Features:

tokidoki x Lovehoney massage wand for clitoral play and intimate body massage
Multiple vibration speeds accessed via scroll wheel
Removable silicone head in exclusive Stellina Unicorno design
Large head perfect for body massage or broad-surface intimate contact
Mains powered for incredible strength
Lengthy 1.8 metre cable for versatile use

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