Visit any porn site and you’ll find an “amateur” section, one of the most popular genres.

But the truth is, much of it is still studio-produced porn starring men and women looking to break into the biz.

But according to many consumers of porn, the future of porn is true amateur: your co-worker, the next door neighbour, your doctor, reports AVN.

French web developer Quentin Lechemia saw the backlash over Instagram’s censorship of nudity, and decided to create a social media network that would meet the demand to get naked, digitally: Uplust, the first ever social media network for those who want to post, edit and share their racy photos and explicit vine-like videos.

Its growing popularity shows that the demand for real-life porn is a fact; in just two years, it has gained 260k users (most of them in the U.S.), and launched (as “Pornostagram”) to 5k pre-registered users.

It also just scored an investment from French adult industry leader Marc Dorcel, who is investing in companies that bring tech and sex together (like virtual reality porn), making Uplust the first social media network in the world to see an investment from the adult entertainment industry.

“Uplust isn’t just a ‘porn wall’ or timeline,” Lechemia noted. “Everything is set up so the users can connect with one another. You won’t find any place on the web where people interact so much around nudity and fantasies like this. More than 2,000 photos & videos from users are posted every day.”

“With the success of apps like Snapchat, Instagram or Vine, people have become used to taking photos and videos with their mobile devices,” he added.

“Now, thanks to Uplust, they can capture every (naughty) moment. 72% of our users use their phone to visit Uplust and post content. Social networking plus mobile plus everyday sex is absolutely the future of adult industry.”

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Users self-identify across a large spectrum: women, men, couples, transgender are all part of the Uplust community, with only a few porn stars in the mix. “Social erotica” is carving its place into the future of the adult industry.

Uplust doesn’t currently have any direct competitors, because it’s the first of its kind. Unlike Tinder, which is a “hook up” app, or PornHub, which showcases studio-produced films, Uplust is the first uncensored social media site that allows users to upload, edit and share sexy pictures and adult short looping videos directly from the member’s smartphone, just like Vine or Instagram.

Something else about the site that’s adult friendly: Administrators at Uplust check the over 2,000 photos and videos uploaded to the site, and immediately remove anything fake or illegal. Plus, the community is quick to report bogus or forbidden content.

Moreover, names and precise locations are never used, and Uplust does not host any confidential information.

Visit the Uplust site and anyone can download the app in seconds.

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