In her Wicked Pictures debut, Lupe Fuentes explodes on the screen in award winning director Brad Armstrong’s Lolita.

A visually stunning exploration of Lupe’s sensual side that exposes her deepest desires. Blow jobs, three- way, girl/girl, solo, it’s all here.

There was a time, even in ultra-liberal Los Angeles, when adult production companies wouldn’t have dared to title a movie Lolita.

Too many associations with the Vladimir Nabokov novel of the same name, whose (unwitting) protagonist of course was a 14-year-old girl being pursued by pedophile Humbert Humbert.

That plus the fact that there was an unwritten understanding that L.A. Vice would bust, as possible child porn, any movie that had Lolita in the title put a damper on the use of the name.

But times change, and no one in his/her right mind – not even an L.A. Vice cop – would be stupid enough to think that Wicked Pictures would use an underage performer… but there’s certainly no bar to using women who look young, and director Brad Armstrong has corralled a neat half-dozen of them for his latest project, whose main performer is fresh-faced cutie (and newest Wicked contract girl) Lupe Fuentes.

“The movie is basically a collage of young-girl type stuff, with each of our performers creating a scenario that accentuates their youthfulness,” Armstrong said.

“For instance, we did one where Lupe plays Cupid for Tommy Gunn and Breanne Benson. We did a China doll scene, which we shot sort of Marilyn Manson-esque, with Lupe and Madison Ivy made up like little China dolls, and Evan Stone was kind of the doll keeper; it had kind of an old English vibe, and we put some really cool special effects into it, especially the girls’ eyes.

“And we did a scene in kind of an old vintage-looking movie theater with a new girl (at least to me), Alexa Nicole,” Armstrong continued. “She’s a really good little performer. She looks a lot like Kirsten [Price]; I’m definitely going to put those two together at some point. They are semi-doppelgängers. She was a breath of fresh air; definitely still had that green sense of excitement about doing a scene.

I can always tell when someone’s exciting, because my crew—I’ve been using them for 10 years, probably—when someone new comes onto the set, they all perk up if they’re good. They were all definitely watching that scene, and the Madison Ivy scene as well; they were fans of Madison Ivy as well.

“We also did one where Lupe is in a room with a bunch of stuffed animals and some of them come to life; a little furry fetish there for the guys,” Armstrong said.

“It was tough to tell the stuffed animals from the real guys in costume—I even used one for my Hallowe’en costume—so it was kind of a cool little thing when they came to life. Basically, it’s a celebration of young, hot chick scenarios.”

AVN was on hand for the lensing of two scenes. In the first, Lupe is the proprietor of a lemonade stand, but with customers nowhere in sight, she decides to play with her pussy, fingering it, then cooling off by pouring the sweet yellow liquid all over her tits and ass. In the second, Lupe and fellow contract gal Kaylani Lei play young ballerinas riding carousel horses—until they get together and take off their lacy undies for some hot licking, fingering and dildo insertion.

Good stuff, and an excellent showcase for Lupe’s talents.

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