Adult Movie Review – Malice in Lala Land. For those who missed it until now, we’re happy to say that this title, Malice in Lala Land, can keep you Sasha Grey fans warm at night now that she’s off seeking her fortune in the ‘respectable’ part of Hollywood.

Even if she’s not your cup of tea, Sasha is but one of a good-looking and hard-riding cast of girls in Malice in Lala Land.

Malice (Sasha Grey) escapes from the oppressive hospital where she’s being held like a prisoner with the help of Rabbit (Stephen Powers).

Directed by Lew Xypher for Miss Lucifer and distributed by Vivid.

Malice In Lalaland Adult Movie Review
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A creepy orderly named Jabbowski (Dirty Fred) has to report to Dr. Queenie (Andy San Dimas) that Malice has escaped. Queenie orders Jabbowski to find Malice, but first he follows the doctor and spies on her as she adjourns to the morgue for some group sex. Chayse Evans is already there giving head.

The women suck and ride a pair of guys while never neglecting each other. There’s partner swapping and lots of active fucking from both girls, who are two of the hottest around. When the men pop, Queenie and Chayse share the load with a sloppy, sexy cum-swap.

Meanwhile, Malice in her bunny slippers and robe follows Rabbit through the desert. Jabbowski almost catches her when she stops to clean up and steal some clothes at a gas station that’s been converted into somebody’s house, but the redneck occupants of said property (Alan Stafford and Kagney Linn Karter) chase him off. Kagney even looks sexy dressed as trailer trash. The redneck couple has sex in their station wagon while Malice and Rabbit watch through the gas station windows.

Their voyeurism and the exhibitionism of fucking in a car during the daytime make an erotic scene even hotter.

Afterward, Malice hitches a ride from Chester (Keni Styles, dressed like Johnny Depp in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and driving a similar car) who talks her into posing for photos in exchange for the ride. Jabbowski nearly catches them, but he’s waylaid by a wreck that gives him no option but to steal a guy’s scooter. Chester rents a hotel room where he, wearing a Cheshire Cat head, takes photos of Malice in an Alice outfit.

This soon gets Malice excited enough to start blowing Chester, who reciprocates by sucking her nipples, eating her out, and giving her a ride on his Asian-British cock. She has a perfect ass for cowgirl position and this is definitely one of Sasha Grey’s more passionate scenes.

Sasha Grey Malice in Lala Land
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Chester invites Malice to join him at Mad Hatter’s sex party, but first they have to confront Jabbowski when he breaks into their room. While he’s out cold, they tie him up and leave to visit Chester’s friend Kater Pills (Ron Jeremy), a strip club owner who’s auditioning two new girls (Mackenzee Pierce and Jesse Capelli). Kater gives Malice a mushroom and chats about sex with her while Chester sits close to the stage.

They watch the strippers play with each other onstage for a while, and Malice has a little mild trip from the mushroom. Chester and Malice leave Kater snoozing next to his hookah.

They go to the party and Malice browses through the rooms where kinky scenarios are unfolding. She’s invited into a couple of these rooms, but Malice finds Alyssa Reece and Kristina Rose most tempting. Alyssa says Kristina likes watching her with other women and Malice can’t resist.

Kristina swigs absinthe and masturbates beautifully while Malice and Alyssa kiss and caress. Soon all three women are a gorgeous tangle of fondling limbs, sucked nipples, and fingered orifices. They glow with sweat under the red lights as they fuck each other in a daisy chain with strap-ons, kissing and fingering each other all the while.

Meanwhile, Chester in his Cheshire Cat mask is having one freaky threesome with two girls in bunny heads, who turn out to be Juelz Ventura and Sadie West. (Keni Styles sure is the luckiest guy in this movie!) It’s a hot and nasty, quick-edited romp that will pique the interest of the fetish crowd.

Jabbowski escapes and tracks Malice down at the sex club, but she manages to get away and winds up in a car with a trio who are going to shoot a threeway scene at an old diner. Their camera guy took off running when he saw Jabbowski’s gun, so Malice takes over for him. Tommy Gunn and Billy Glide play diner customers who order a dish off the menu from waitress Phoenix Marie. From the costumes to the music (which is very different from the rest of the soundtrack), this scene has a fun 1970s feel. Phoenix can always be counted on to give a good anal scene.

This twisted faerie tale must come to an end sometime, but we don’t want to spoil all the surprises. Malice in Lala Land is that rare breed of porno that can be enjoyed for its plot as well as its hardcore scenes.

Watch Malice in Lala Land online now at AEBN.