Adult Movie Review – Being Riley.

Being Riley is a rite of passage porn production featuring a young, nubile girl portrayed by the luscious Riley Reid

Riley discovers her inner sexuality as she sets off on a life-affirming adventure after the twists and turns of fate leave her feeling sad, lonely, and desolate. Lo and behold, along the way Riley encounters several surprising sexual opportunities that allow the self-healing she desperately needs.

Award winning director, Greg Lansky, provides a refreshing glance at a girl turned woman as Riley’s growth is witnessed in every scene and ends with Riley’s first time trying anal and DP.

Scene 1: Riley Reid, Aidra Fox

Newly single after a breakup with her live-in boyfriend, Riley goes to her friend Sarah’s house, played by Aidra Fox, to catch up. Within a few minutes, the two get extremely comfortable and relax in Sarah’s bathtub. With the tone set for some sexy girl on girl action, the two beauties dive into passionate kisses. 

Riley is skeptical at first, but as her horniness increases, she willingly accepts Sarah’s romantic advances.  Both girls get extremely intimate in a breathy, vibrant coupling leaving both satisfied and happy. This scene nicely portrays the emphasis of Riley’s sexual awakening and the introduction to her inner self and  latent desires.

Adult Movie Review: Being Riley starring Riley Reid
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Scene 2 (Riley Reid, Mick Blue):

Riley’s journey continues in this scene to find herself and the life she should be living. After going to Sarah’s friend’s house, Mick Blue, she is quickly turned on by his machismo, wealth, and power. One drink with Mick, quickly turns into his face buried deep in her kitty and backdoor.

Riley, knowing she must return the favor, then starts giving Mick a much deserved blow job. Eventually, Mick slides his hard dick into her wet kitty and fucks Riley missionary style, gently easing his way to her asshole. As he plunges deep into her ass, Riley asks for him to move slow, since this is her first time. The scene crescendos to Riley getting butt fucked reverse cowgirl style and ends with a wad of cum all over her innocent, beautiful face.

Scene 3 (Riley Reid, Aidra Fox, Manuel Ferrara):

Now that Riley has been exposed to the wonderful world of sexual discovery and her first anal encounter, she is more than ready to enjoy a threesome, so when Sarah broaches up the idea, Riley excitedly agrees. Manuel Ferrara, plays Sarah’s benefactor, letting both girls shop for sexy lingerie with his cash and later segues into Riley and Sarah releasing Manuel’s dick for a dual blow job suck session.

Once the threesome gets down to fucking and Manuel is balls deep inside of Sarah’s pussy as Riley happily licks at Manuel’s dick as it plays peek-a-boo inside Sarah’s cunt. Later, both Riley and Sarah get reamed in the ass by Manuel’s stiff cock and ends with Manuel taking his dick out of Sarah’s ass and blasting his cumload all over Riley’s face.

Scene 4 (Riley Reid, Rob Piper):

Fast forward to six months later and Riley has almost fulfilled her dream of living life to the fullest.  Now ensconced in LA, Riley meets a sexy new man and relates this information to Sarah on the phone.  Donning a miniscule, hot blue bikini, Riley goes to her new friend’s house, played by Rob Piper, to lay by the pool.  Things escalate as the sexual tension increases and the pair move into the house where Piper launches right for Riley’s lush asshole. 

To show her gratitude for Piper’s ass eating abilities, Riley deep throats the fuck out of Piper’s hard cock, leaving no doubt that Riley can suck good dick.  Riley then gets plowed enthusiastically by Piper’s pipe, which also ends up deep in Riley’s hot ass as the segment continues.  With a little ass to pussy and some ass to mouth, the scene closes with Piper’s tube snake dribbling jizz all over Riley’s open mouth.

Riley Reid and Aidra Fox
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Scene 5 (Riley Reid, James Deen, Erik Everhard):

Riley now has a hot boyfriend, played by James Deen, who allows her to explore her wild side and her strong yearning to have a threesome with two guys. The scene goes into a “reenactment” of her threesome as Riley recalls it all for her friend Sarah. Enter Erik Everhard, the friend of James Deen, who is an enthusiastic participant in making Riley happy.

The scene starts with Riley ping-ponging between both dicks with dual blow jobs, spitting and slurping to make this a highlight of the film and warming up to the main event – the DP.  Volleying between getting slammed in both holes and having dick at each end, Riley’s rapture and euphoric bliss clearly shows how much she enjoys this particular moment in her life.  The adventure closes with young Riley getting cum busted by both James and Erik on her alabaster, smooth face.


I sense a sequel to this hot porn movie featuring the lovely and anally talented Riley Reid. Being Riley manages to make the viewer want to hold Riley’s hand, among other body parts, as she searches for her inner self.  With the help of Mick, Manual, Rob, and Erik, her inner self was deeply explored indeed.  With every flick of Sarah’s tongue on Riley’s pussy, Riley was able to gain more confidence, leading her onto other exploits and shenanigans.

This movie not only included an awesome cast, but the plot itself was quite thought provoking. The acting was exceptional and the scenes offered a garden variety of sex and cum scenes in this 200 minute porn flick. Being horny, means buying the adult sex DVD titled, “Being Riley.” Visit Adult Force One to purchase this adult DVD cheap and surf the site for other titles.

Running Time: 200 minutes
Released:  09/2015
Studio Name: Tushy
Director: Greg Lansky
Stars: Riley Reid, Aidra Fox, Manuel Ferrara, Mick Blue, Rob Piper, Erik Everhard
Categories: New Release, Feature, Spotlight, Showcase, Anal, Threesome, Interracial, DP

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