– Sensual erotica, films and stories for women and couples.

Porn Tube sites are everywhere these days, unfortunately. (Don’t even get me started on that one! That’s for an upcoming article).

Those of us of a certain age have seen Internet porn go through a huge change over the past few years and, in my humble opinion, most of it for the worst. (see above). It seems to be increasingly rare to find a good adult site that offers excellent quality erotic movies, at a price that doesn’t scare you half to death.

“As the founder of this site it is my goal to make this website as fabulous as possible and ensure my members love it as much as I do”. – Anna Richard

But, between you and me, I think I’ve found one. And because I’m a nice person, I’ll share it with you.

The website is and offers exclusive and beautiful erotic HD movies, sexy adult stories and image collections.

These are all expertly produced to give you sexy, beautiful erotica that you can view not only on your desktop computer, but also on your mobile and tablet. Not forgetting a great download feature too. – essentially, it’s porn for girls and couples! is a naughty ‘exclusive’ club where you can enjoy the pleasures of highly erotic films all shot in a cinematic format – and all using real models portraying real sex. 

Once a member you will get weekly updates of all their beautiful movies, privately commissioned stories, excellent pictorial gallery and regularly updated blog articles for your pleasure and enjoyment. appears to be a continuously expanding project as the producers work their way through the many films already shot and that are now in post production, together with erotic stories already commissioned and ready for publishing.

The site founder Anna Richards explains history and ideas behind this great site : “My journey to this point started quite by accident a few years ago when I began to write a blog about me, it really was as simple as that.

It was a blog or as I saw it a condensed diary, in which I enjoyed spilling out my naughty little fantasies and cheeky moments, things that were fuelling my mind and offering me a new found excitement late in my life.

However in order to help bring my blog pieces to life I enjoyed enriching them with beautiful imagery, something that I felt helped grow the fantasy and offer a more enjoyable read.

My passion for such imagery grew to the extent that I questioned why there wasn’t more beautiful erotica on film, along the lines of the images I was posting.

Why aren’t there films which play on erotic passion and desire, a good dose of temptation and hot bedded longing and yes ….with lots of gorgeous kissing.

I do hope the films and creative visions will bring you lots of personal pleasure, I have enjoyed so much, just in the making of them.”

How much is it to join?

Well, here’s the best part. have worked hard to keep their membership fee as low as possible.

7 Day Trial Membership is only £4.95, and 1 Month Membership is only £22.95. Go for the big 1 Year Membership, and the price is only £59.95! 

Hang on one pesky-minute… that’s works out at just over £1 per week. Where’s my credit card?

Exciting new films are uploaded weekly providing a constant flow of sexually thrilling and explicit erotica. Rich in lust and full of passion, these films are sensual, naughty & just a little rude…!

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