Lauren Goodger Sex Tape: Former ‘TOWIE’ star labels the X-Rated movie ‘Mortifying’

Lauren Goodger has revealed her horror after discovering a sex tape she features in was being shared online, labelling the whole experience “mortifying”.

Lauren Goodger sex tape
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For the former TOWIE reality star has found herself at the heart of an epic betrayal after a video of her performing oral sex on an ex-boyfriend has gone viral.

On Sunday, the former ‘TOWIE’ star shared her thoughts after learning that the sex tape was being circulated – despite the fact many fans have taken to Twitter to comment that they haven’t seen the Lauren Goodger sex tape anywhere.

Proof! Mystery of Lauren Goodger sex tape unveiled as footage DOES exist

The Only Way Is Essex star Lauren Goodger joined the infamous list of celebrities whose sex tapes have leaked online when a six-second video emerged in July 2014.

She admitted she felt betrayed and said ex Jake McLean has been texting her, begging forgiveness.

And now outspoken Apprentice star Luisa Zissman (who she?) has taken a swipe at Lauren Goodger after footage of the former TOWIE beauty performing a sex act on her ex-boyfriend was shared between hundreds of people.

Lauren, 27, told friends she felt humiliated after discovering the six-second clip was being exchanged via text and email last week.

Shortly after the news emerged Luisa hit Twitter to air her opinion on the leak. In a tweet that was later deleted, she wrote: “If I had a sex tape it would be worth talking about not a measly 6 secs long! Least make the embarrassment worthwhile.”

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Lauren Goodger sex tape featuring her romping with ex-boyfriend ‘spreads like wildfire’

The Sun On Sunday reports that the graphic six-second clip shows 28-year-old Lauren performing an intimate act on her ex-boyfriend, property developer, Jake McLean, 24.

Lauren Goodger
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The paper also claims that the footage was secretly taken by Lauren’s ex-boyfriend Jake McLean on his own phone, while they were in the bedroom of the home they shared in Epping.

The pretty brunette split from Jake last December after a series of rows and a source told the Daily Mirror at the time: ‘Jake wasn’t the guy she’d hoped he was.’ Now there’s an understatement.

A source also spoke to the Daily Mirror about the leaked tape saying: ‘She is furious it has been sent to so many people.

‘It was a private moment and was never intended to be seen by anybody else. But there is nothing she can do to stop it.’

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But then again, it could all be a spoof to get in the news before going into the Big Brother House, or am I just being cynical?…

Kill me now.

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