Miley Cyrus – Candy Magazine naked photoshoot by Terry Richardson.

If you thought last week’s shots of Miley Cyrus by Terry Richardson were shocking, you’re in for a treat (or be upset, depending on how you feel about it).

Controversial photographer and professional sketchy person Terry Richardson shot Miley Cyrus for the new issue of CANDY Magazine, and the photos are a subtle artistic tribute to the beauty of the female form.

Perhaps to coincide with Miley’s 23rd birthday, the controversial photographer has uploaded over a dozen new photographs from his latest shoot for CANDY magazine, almost all of which see the pop star in a borderline porn-like state. At this point, the most shocking images feature Miley fully clothed, reminding us of her Disney days.

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Though some magazines have decided to stop working with Richardson after news of his allegedly predatory behaviour broke, Miley has stayed a steadfast supporter, even posing earlier this year for a risqué shoot in his studio.