Indianapolis, IN, USA
1861 Monument Circle Indianapolis Indiana 46204 US

Hot Sexy Dolls are the highest of quality that are purchased from JYDoll.

JYDoll sets the standards in the industry for making high-quality dolls, while other factories copy them and use recycled low-quality materials. Hot Sexy Dolls are cheaper than other company’s dolls because we sell over 100 dolls per month and buy in bulk. Hot Sexy Dolls has a contract directly with the JYDoll factory to buy 100 dolls per month and receive lower pricing than other doll sellers.

You are not paying 1 or 2 middle men that mark up the price before the doll reaches you. Hot Sexy Dolls are in stock, boxed up and ready to go within 2-3 business days, unless it’s a customized order. The reason dolls can be shipped within 2-3 business days, is because they are already paid for.

Other sellers order their dolls with the customer’s money after they are purchased and pay a higher fee to the factory because they only buy 2 to 3 dolls per week. The only way my company can sell 100 dolls per month is to price them right for our customers. The reason why we sell our dolls with removable vaginas is because it is much more sanitary and easier to take out the vagina for easy cleaning.

We also give a spare vagina too. Thanks.

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