XBIZ is pleased to announce Juicy Jay, the gregarious CEO and founder of JuicyAds, will deliver an exclusive “XBIZ Talk” address at XBIZ 2018.

Juicy Jay is one of a select group of thought leaders who will conduct solo presentations in January.

The title of Juicy Jay’s talk will be “Strength Through Adversity: Motivational Life Lessons and the Pursuit of Happiness.”

“I’m really excited to be featured as one of the inaugural XBIZ Talks in LA this coming January,” Jay told XBIZ.

“My motivational session is a chance to hear previously untold stories from both my business and life experiences.”

“I’ll be breaking down boundaries between home life, business, and how they directly affect each other in both negative and positive ways.”

Juicy Jay said that he hopes his speech will not only be enlightening but helpful in a practical sense to peers in the industry.

“I rarely do speaking engagements so I’m expecting to deviate greatly from the traditional seminars we are used to in the industry,” Juicy Jay said. “The path to success and happiness is not a straight line and I’m hoping to help entrepreneurs find what they’re looking for and avoid the mistakes I’ve made along the way.”

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Juicy Jay is much more than an industry vet, having jumped in the biz at a very early age as an affiliate, and later starting up JuicyAds.

“My websites were fairly popular in their niche so I had people asking to buy ad space and TGP spots,” Juicy Jay recalled in an XBIZ profile several years ago. “I brokered so many ad sales that I had to systemize the process, and that’s when others started to ask if I would broker for them as well. That’s when I started the JuicyAds brand to broker the sale of ad space.”

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Today, Juicy Jay is one of the few CEOs who still works long days doing programming, handling support tickets, while still running his marketplace for publishers and ad buyers and jumping into new online projects (he recently collaborated with Joey Gabra and Sam Maxwell to invest and generate business for the PantyBay.com cam platform).

Juicy Jay also is a regularly featured columnist for XBIZ World magazine, commenting often on industry issues and what goes on when business and personal life collide.

XBIZ 2018 returns to West Hollywood, Calif.,’s stylish Andaz hotel from Jan. 15-19 to deliver an upgraded slate of events, culminating on Thursday, Jan. 18, with the 2018 XBIZ Awards show.

The annual business-to-business pilgrimage attracts the most diverse group of decision makers, company principals and international players, uniting all industry segments of adult for a comprehensive look at content creation, marketing, publishing and technology.

Affiliates, producers and talent receive free admission to the XBIZ Show, while XBIZ.net members qualify for discounted registration.

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