Londoners love Sexpo® but will ExCeL venue cause a ‘SEXIT’ & London Chamber of Commerce unresponsive to sexual advances.

Sexpo® is the world’s largest and longest running health, sexuality and (adult) lifestyle exhibition that has operated out of six states in Australia since 1996.

Sexpo® is looking to return to the UK in 2018, but are meeting with resistance from ExCeL London, an exhibitions and international convention center in Custom House, London Borough of Newham, and letters to the London Chamber of Commerce have gone unanswered.

“We now hope to return to London in a large venue that can accommodate the sort of numbers we expect,” says Australian Founding Organizer David Ross.

Now, Sexpo® has started a petition at and are asking Londoners to sign their petition at, as well as follow their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts so we can demonstrate to all venues, and the London Chamber of Commerce, the level of public support for Sexpo®. Anyone wanting real time updates should join their mailing list at

In November 2015, the first London Sexpo® was staged. Public transportation combined with the terrible event that transpired in Paris the same week meant that 40% of those who had pre-purchased tickets online not making it to the event. Only 30% of tickets were pre-purchased online, and Sexpo® estimates up to 40,000 Londoners would have attended that first event.

“Big numbers mean big business and require a big venue. We have always sort to use only purpose-built exhibition venues to reinforce the mainstream nature of our events. So, after approaching the ExCeL venue, we were disappointed by the arbitrary dismissal of our approach. Additionally, we sought membership at the London Chamber of Commerce, but they couldn’t help us and our emails have gone unanswered. Clearly, the London Chamber of Commerce has no interest in sex at all,” says Australian Founding Organizer David Ross.

Sexpo® is a million-pound show with more than 90 Sexpo® events have been staged around the world since 1996, so Sexpo® is big business. The large budget requires the organizers to attract tens of thousands of attendees to cover the costs. All marketing and promotions are very mainstream and designed to not cause contention or court controversy.

Sexpo® to announce funding for 2018 Expos

“There are various adult type exhibitions around the world, including some previously held in London, but none have used the focus on ‘lifestyle’ to successfully win over the media and public in the way Sexpo® does,” continues Ross. “This focus ensures our attendance numbers are far better than any competing event with more than 50% of attendees being female. We’re hoping this petition will change the tides in our favor and Londoners will demand the return of our show.”

Sexpo® is the world’s largest and longest running health, sexuality and (adult) lifestyle exhibition that has operated out of six states in Australia since 1996, has run under a licensee in South Africa since 2007, and had their first London event in 2015. All adult lifestyles, genders and sexual orientations are represented and welcomed at Sexpo® and more than 250,000 people around the world each year.

All business inquiries about Sexpo® should be sent to David Ross at


Sexpo® began life in Melbourne, Australia in 1996 as a forum to allow women and couples to experience all the adult industry has to offer, in a safe and friendly environment. The show quickly grew into a national event encompassing health and lifestyle products and services and now visits all major Australian capital cities. While remaining true to the original concept the event has garnered broad support with over 50% off those attending being female, 60% of those females that attend do so with a partner.

In the UK, follow their Instagram and Twitter @Sexpouk and like Facebook page