These adult porn movie posters shocked people back in the 50s and 60s.

In the light of today’s disturbing trend for sexting, over-exposure and limitless online porn they seem rather tame.

Films were often made under threat of legal action and for every big-budge film, “there were smaller films made in motel rooms with hookers or women who hated it… Just because it’s old doesn’t mean it’s classic. Here are a collection of posters from that era of adult film.

Posters for ‘Adult Movies’ are almost defunct these days. The modern masturbator has only to head over to Red Tube and hover over a montage of shots from any one film to decide what appeals.

The closest we come to promotional artwork for our porn is the DVD cover, itself quickly becoming a defunct form of porn consumption. The 1970s did not have this problem.

Back then their movie posters were bright, imaginative and actually tried to hook you in with a bit of a story.

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While not particularly politically correct, the posters do highlight how attitudes to porn and nudity have changed over the last four decades.

Where 1970s blue movies appear to focus on au naturel women, albeit with a naughty streak, today’s porn films are packed with pneumatic, Brazilian-waxed blondes.

Now, we have companies like Vinegar Syndrome and Distribpix who are restoring and releasing X-rated classics from the Boogie Nights era, and presenting film series at arthouse cinemas in New York that give people who miss or missed the old Times Square a chance to see 35mm films like The Opening of Misty Beethoven and Expose Me, Lovely on the big screen.

These old-school posters of movies from the Distribpix archive show that they don’t make ’em like this anymore.