The world of adult devices is truly a wonderful one; after all, it can open the door to so much new sexual pleasure and excitement.

If the term, “Sex toys” comes up in conversation, the majority of people will probably think of rabbit vibrators and handcuffs – and in fairness, they wouldn’t be wrong – but the world of adult items is so vast and diverse, it’s just as advisable to kit your toy-box out with some adult essentials alongside the toys themselves.

Adult devices don’t always come cheap, so it makes sense to acknowledge that when you buy a new one, then you should know how best to look after it – the correct care will guarantee that your item will last you for many years. Whether you are buying women’s sex toys or men’s sex toys, a quality device is made to last. After all, you’re not just purchasing your dildo of choice, you’re investing in your sex life.

There are those of us who are aware of what we enjoy, and those of us who seek to further our knowledge of sexual pleasure – regardless of whether we’re talking about solo play, or activity with a partner or playmate – in either case, it stands to reason that we should invest wisely – and once we do, we want to keep the product functioning just as well as it was the first time we used it.

Keeping a selection of essential supplementary items in your toy-box, in addition to maintaining your essential play devices, will ensure that you remain prepared for many happy hours of playtime. The first thing you should consider keeping handy is spare batteries; note whether your toy comes provided with them, and what type of battery they are.

Some toys take the AA batteries whereas other toys, such as bullet vibrators, may use smaller sizes or larger vibes the same size you’d find in a torch! Alternatively, devices such as cock rings and clitoral vibrators and stimulators can use power cells, the type of battery found within watches. Some sex aids are designed for power packs; these packs will guarantee that you have enough power to satisfy your needs, to your hearts content.

These toys always need to be cleaned efficiently after use too, not only for hygiene but to make sure your toys work to their best advantage. Invest in cleaning wipes; just a thorough wipe, when you’re finished, will do.

Some specialist play items, such as electro-toys, may require equally specialist cleaning products, to keep them sterile; it’s always best to check what you might need with regards to accessories and extras, when you’re considering your purchase.

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