More sex please – we’re British!

There has never been a better time to celebrate all things rude, and there's no excuse why you shouldn't be enjoying a varied fulfilling sex life.

Sex, sex, sex… it looks like the British simply can’t get enough.

This year looks like being one of the best for British sex, and with that our sex lives.

[pullquote]The Internet has changed the face of sex, and particularly pornography, like nothing humanity has experienced before[/pullquote]

People of a certain age (not me, obviously) can remember that sex in Britain was a something that was kept underground (sometimes quite literally). Benny Hill being chased around a field by a dozen models dressed in black lingerie and suspenders was the closest most of us got to anything sexual, particularly on television.

That’s the reason Page 3 become such a huge part of our psyche, and which recently hit the news again with the No More Page 3 campaign. It always seemed such a strange thing to put into a daily newspaper, and even more so in today’s culture.

Benny HillHowever, the Internet has changed the face of sex, and particularly pornography, like nothing humanity has experienced before.

If the politicians of the 60’s and 70’s were to be believed, censorship was for our own good, and would stop us rampaging around the streets like Neanderthal Man, dragging each other into the nearest bush for rampant sex, being unable to control our sexual desires.

For people born after the advent of the Internet, sex and porn is something that they have grown up with and consequently is virtually impossible to ignore. However, a large section of pornography displays sex in a way that is so far from reality that, certainly to young minds, distorts sex and relationships into some bizarre, fake, manufactured ritual. That is why sex education for children should be a priority, and mandatory, in schools across the UK.

If schools are teaching about porn, should they show it too?

However, I think today is a great time sex and our sex lives in general. Sex toys online are easy to come by (pun intended), and they are even being featured on daytime television; something that would have been unheard of even 5 years ago. Did this corrupt the minds and souls of the 3 million people watching, turning them into depraved sex beasts? Only time will tell…

We have such a great wealth of talent and creativity in the UK adult industry, some of which will be display at Sexhibition.

Sexhibition Manchester 21-23rd August 2015Sexhibition, Manchester is just around the corner, and looks set to be a fantastic event; and the fact that it is based outside the London area makes it all that more special. So get your tickets bought before they go, and we look forward to seeing you down there.

The UK porn industry

The UK porn industry has fantastic range of female producers and directors creating exciting, innovative pornography. For example, Petra Joy is a multi-award-winning film director, producer, curator and distributor. Petra is currently curating volume six of the successful porn compilation series Her Porn, featuring the latest and best films by female directors from all over the world.

Anna Span, who started shooting porn films after graduating from Central St Martin’s School of Art, produces someg great UK porn, and launched a campaign for a more female friendly pornography. Tanya Hyde has been a prolific director of hardcore fetish titles for the British adult film production company Harmony Films.

FrolicMe erotica for couplesThere is Joybear, a London-based production company specialising in high-end erotic films for her and for him.

We also have FrolicMe, beautiful erotica about the beauty of fantasy and engaging in people’s sexual fantasies for their own personal pleasure.

UK porn stars such as Samantha Bentley, Ava Dalush, Daisy Rocks and Lexi Lowe are well known names in porn.

We have the UK Adult Producers Awards, which have been carefully planned to showcase those within the UK adult business and the whole spectrum that this encompasses. The Paul Raymond Awards also feature again this year, publishers of Mayfair, Club International, Escort, Razzle and Men Only magazines.

Online UK Sex Shops

Long gone are the days of creeping around the local town centre, plucking up the courage to enter the blacked-out window fronted sex shop. Our online sex shops have improved dramatically over the past few years, with the likes of Lovehoney, Bondara, SexShop365, Honour, BlueBella and Simply Pleasure offering a huge range and selection of sex toys, lingerie, fetish clothing and erotica.

I don’t think there has ever been a better time to celebrate all things rude, and if you take the time to look for the great range of sex toys, erotica and pornography available, particularly for couples, there’s no excuse why you shouldn’t be enjoying a wide, varied fulfilling sex life.


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