The Empowered Orgasm – Why more women are masturbating.

Historically, female masturbation and the female orgasm have been viewed by the public as something taboo, mysterious and in some cases, downright dangerous.

In 1899, The British Journal of Psychiatry published Dr, J. G. Gordon-Munn’s paper, The Uterus in the Insane, which stated “… that masturbation, which may be dependent in many instances on a sexually pathological condition, may be in turn a cause of insanity.”

Essentially, his argument was that women who masturbated could damage their uterus which could then lead to complete insanity.

This view of female masturbation didn’t change much for a long time – basically until the women’s rights movement of the 1960s. Throughout the early 20th century, female sexuality was simply not discussed.

For much of that time, medical professional believed – and told the public – that women simply didn’t have any erotic feelings or desires. Women simply wanted to have babies – sex in and of itself was of little to no interest.

How wrong they were.

Today, of course, we know better. Thanks to groundbreaking research and a number of feminists who were only too happy to explain just how much they loved sex, we know that women not only have plenty of sexual desire, they are also able to achieve a wide variety of orgasms. From clitoral orgasms to full on squirting, when a woman understands her body, she can often achieve multiple orgasms.

We also know that there’s an ‘Orgasm Gap’ at work today with research indicating that women have one orgasm for every three a man has. Some claim the gap arises from men who aren’t concerned about giving their partner an orgasm while others say it’s simply a reflection of how much extra effort it takes for women to get off.

Taking the back the orgasm power.

There’s a third option that isn’t discussed much, though it seems pretty obvious to this casual observer – women too often put the fate of their orgasmic happiness into the hands of others.

4 Tricks To Make Her Squirt During Cunninglingus. The Empowered Orgasm – Why more women are masturbating.
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4 tricks to make her squirt during cunninglingus

The fact of the matter is, women don’t necessarily need a partner to have an orgasm. Today, there are vibrators, dildos and a plethora of erotic toys that can get a woman off so why is she depending on anyone else to deliver her Os? And even when she is relying on that partner, why isn’t she speaking up and demanding her due?

The answer, according to some, is that society views sex as purely penetrative and that simply isn’t enough to get women off. As a result, too many women resign themselves to simply having so-so sex lives and making up for it when they masturbate alone.

Still others believe they simply can’t orgasm regularly and so they simply stop thinking about it. But this shortchanges women in more ways than one. First, it implies their orgasm isn’t worth the effort it requires. Secondly, it suggests that an orgasm had alone isn’t as good as one had with a partner. Neither of these beliefs are true and each of them can hurt a woman’s sense of self-confidence as well as impairing how much she’s able to explore and enjoy her sexuality.

The changing tide.

Luckily the tide appears to be changing as a whole new generation of women are coming into their sexual prime with a better and more open understanding about their own sexuality. Sales for female sex toys are on the rise as part of a booming sex toy industry worth roughly $15 billion annually.

As more and more women begin to see their own orgasm as something they have to own instead of handing the job over to partners, they are able to understand exactly what they need to get off alone, making it easier for them to communicate that to their partners.

Soon, we may see a time where the female orgasm isn’t seen as an elusive prize, but simply as a natural part of every women’s sexuality.

Who we are

We are Axel and Laura and we started The School Of Squirt because we discovered the secret key to making women squirt.

Axel and Laura, The School Of Squirt
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