UK Porn star Rebecca More is filming a reality show in which she travels across England picking up random locals for sex in the back of a van.

On October 17, Rebecca More embarked on a cross-country tour of Britain. If you’re picturing the cheeky, epicurean excursion of Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon’s The Trip, well, think again.

Rebecca More faced a public backlash after she invited members of the British public to have sex with her – which has been slammed as ‘bordering on prostitution’

Rebecca More, a busty porn star who goes by the cutting-edge sobriquet “UK MILF,” is in the midst of what she calls a “Sex Tour of England,” cruising across the country in a van and scooping up dozens of strangers for sex (think Under the Skin, minus the vanishing bodies), reports The Daily Beast.

The tour began Friday in Birmingham and will include stops in Manchester, Leeds, and Southhampton before wrapping up October 25 in London. More is filming the sex marathon for Television X — a popular U.K. adult TV network best known for airing the Downton Abbey porn parody Down on Abby earlier this year.

Shameless ‘Sex tour of UK’ porn star Rebecca More sparks outrage with bid to bed strangers in back of lorry

Some locals have reacted angrily to the planned tour, set to take place in October, which is being organised by adult entertainment channel Television X.

UK Porn star Rebecca More
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Over 2,000 people have already applied with 200 of the applications coming from women and couples. Residents in Camden, one of the London boroughs where the tour is set to stop, have also had their say.

“It does not set a good example does it?” said Camden local Amy O’Reilly, 27.

The first leg of her trip stopped off in Birmingham, where she bragged she had already had sex with “10 men”.

Rebecca, who calls herself UK Milf on Twitter, said of her tour: “I Love working for Television X, it’s the home of Brit porn and is dedicated to top notch filth for all tastes,” reports The Mirror.

But the sordid road trip has been slammed by local residents and MPs who have branded it a “disgrace” – with some saying it borders on prostitution.

Birmingham Labour MP Khalid Mahmood said: “I think there should be a legal enquiry by local authorities into this from a public health aspect.

“It obviously sends out the message that this kind of thing goes on in Birmingham.

“That’s not the right message for the city to send out and it creates a negative image of Birmingham.”

Rebecca is currently up for MILF Of The Year 2014 and the X-rated show is being directed by renowned director Macondo, reported the Daily Star.

“I cannot wait to hit the road again with the tour of England,” he said.

“Rebecca is such a laugh to work with and bringing this tour to our home country will really bring some big grins to the average English fella.”

Speaking of her controversial tour, Rebecca said: “I Love working for Television X, it’s the home of Brit porn and is dedicated to top notch filth for all tastes.”