Eliza Rose Watson: The Sober OnlyFans Star With Spicy Billboards

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Eliza Rose Watson sparked major controversy in the UK when she bought a billboard to promote her OnlyFans — which is exactly what she wanted to happen! She tells Holly about her journey from being a 20-something addict to eventually becoming a sober & successful OnlyFans star. She talks about her family’s reaction to her career, the stigma of the porn industry, and the debate she had over her billboards on Piers Morgan’s talk show!

:41 introducing Eliza Rose
1:27 her problems with drugs and drinking
6:39 what she pictured as an “alcoholic”
9:40 what stopped her from going into recovery sooner
15:58 how she deals with stress without alcohol and drugs
20:19 her relationship with her family
28:37 why she started an OnlyFans
30:27 telling her family about her OF
32:45 her billboards controversy
37:53 appearing on Piers Morgan’s talk show
39:26 if she considers what she does as “porn
40:57 the stigma of pornography
46:59 what facet of the industry she would change the public’s perception about
48:15 if she thinks pornography is addictive

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