#Livestream Doctor skin appointment – perioral dermatitis 👨‍⚕️

#Livestream Doctor skin appointment – recap 👨‍⚕️

How did I get on at the dermatologist doctor ? I’ve been having issues acne type of spots on the skin on my face since I can recall being pregnant. I thought it was pregnancy hormones but it didn’t go away after giving birth.

When my son was around 15 months old I sought a dermatologist doctor, I found Dr Vadmal at Santa Clarita Skin & Beauty Centre in Southern California. He have been treating my with a myriad of creams, lotions, oral tablets for the last 9 months for perioral dermatitis. He is going to try me on something new for me next month.

What is he going to put me on? Did anyone else ever have skin issues, When did you last see the doctor for something health related, and did they fix your issue or was it simply a check up?

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