#livestream How do you spend your weekends / days off ?

#livestream How do you spend your weekends / days off ?

How do you spend free days when you’re not doing your usual paid work ?
Are you socialising, recuperating or doing chores and other tasks ? Maybe you have time to fit in both ?

What do you usually do to socialise if you can ? Maybe you visit family/friends or go out ?

What do you do to recuperate if you can ? Is it time for that long hot bath, some gym or entertainment time ?

What are your weekend chores and tasks ? Maybe you get housework / chores done or bake and meal prep for the week ahead ?

Just 7 nights until Ozzie turns 2 !

It’s a Birthday Countdown ! 🥳

Will you join us today for a family friendly chat on my #youtubelive #stream

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​Damn I checked the sin bin after I set up the live stream… and no hidden users. I checked immediately after and several good people where hidden. I wondered where they were 😞


Do you have a topic you want to suggest for a future stream? Must be an open question that everyone has an easy for. Post your idea on the comments box.

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