Aphrodisiac foods are nothing but the food or drink or drug that stimulates sexual desire.

Naturally have a lot of Aphrodisiac foods that spice up your sexual thoughts and stimulate sexual hormones.

Please note every medicine has some side-effects, except homeopathic medicines (these medicines are herbal and natural). 

All our body functions are depended by hormones. Hormones are communication messages to process messages from one cell to another cell (organ).

Most of the hormones especially thyroid hormones and Sexual hormones have high risk and faces a lot of problems.

Estrogen and progesterone are common female sexual hormones. Testosterone, Androgen are male sexual hormones. Such hormone glands get disorders women get infertility problems and gents get premature ejaculation and other sexual problems.

Such hormones stimulated by homeopathic medicines and natural diet. Conventional medicines can cause two side effects so it’s better prevent sexual problems by good diet.

Aphrodisiac foods to improve your sex life
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Asparagus/Amaranths: Amaranths are rich in nutrients such as Fiber, potassium, Vitamin A and C and Folic acid. Fresh Amaranths has increased amorous feelings and boosts orgasm.

Saffron flowers: Most of the people seem saffron flowers are only for pregnant people, but it stimulates sexual thoughts and stimulates all sexual hormones internally, it is medically proven. So that many countries, especially in North India bride give saffron milk to her spouse (groom). Generally it is expensive price and it’s available in cold places like Spain or Jammu and Kashmir. So that most of the people use it too rarely.

Strawberries: It has highly potassium and zing and folic acids and vitamin c.

The drumstick is also called sex powerhouse. It improves sexual ability in men.

If you use this drumstick regularly minimum two weeks, it stimulates all sexual organs penis, sperm, and glands, hormones, you can get amorous feelings. It has a lot of fiber

Folic acid is a vitamin also called B9 vitamin. It helps prevent birth defects and stimulate neural tube defects. It increases sperm count and sexual glands. Citrus foods like papaya oranges, lemon, and guava have a high amount of Folic acids. Okra (lady finger), cabbage, peanuts, cauliflower, corn, have more amount of Folic acids. The Pregnancywomen must take Folic acid foods to prevent infertility problems.

Red chili is one of the best natural medicines to stimulate nerves and increase heart. Consequently, increase blood circulation. Blood circulation can increase sexual strength.

Celery is tasty green leafy vegetables and take it as raw food.

Oysters are classical aphrodisiacs and have high zinc to increase sperm and testosterone production.

Oysters are classical aphrodisiacs and have high zinc to increase sperm and testosterone production
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Other foods:

Almond is a source of essential fatty acids and minerals to get libidos and to produce sexual hormones in both men and women. Take almonds without salt or other sweets for better results.

Mangoes, peaches, bananas and strawberries are have high fiber and increase blood circulation, it leads to sexual libidos. Eggs have a rich amount of B complex vitamins to produce hormones, psychological disorders and stimulate all hormones.

Only natural foods can give permanent solution, but conventional medicines have side-effects and provides temporary relief. So keep you healthy with organic natural foods for better health.

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Most of the sexual problems cured by natural diet. Present most of the men have premature ejaculation it’s easily treatable and Erectile dysfunction is easily preventable by Aphrodisiac foods, it stimulate hormones.