You can now take porking literally, because the Bacon Condom is a real thing, believe it or not.

A wise man once said, “The only thing better than bacon is sex.” Well, not really, but he was thinking it.

Since safe sex is a good thing, and so is bacon, the good folks at J&D’s Foods — creators of virtually bacon everything — decided to combine them.

And so it goes: I present to you, the bacon condom, which is an actual and real thing that you can wear during the act of sexual intercourse, reports

The Bacon Condom

The Bacon Condom box
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Um, yeah. As a heterosexual woman (read: straight girl), I’m not sure if this is totally great (yay! a condom he’ll finally want to wear!) or totally disgusting (really, bacon?).

But regardless what I think of it, J&D’s Bacon Condoms are, ‘proudly Made in America of the highest quality latex.’

While the Seattle company actually released news of a bacon condom starting as a prank (much like the Pumpkin Spice condom), the pork roll for your pork roll came to exist as an actual product after wild success of ‘bacon lubricant’ (yup, another real thing).

Worried that these condoms will ruin your appetite for meat (of either kind…)? Us, too. The condoms look like bacon, giving your man’s meat, well, a meat-y appearance.

Then, as an added bonus (or not, depending on whether you’re a steakhouse girl/guy or a vegetarian), J&D’s baconlube, which is a water based, meat flavored personal lubricant, is generously applied inside and out of the condom’s entirety.


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