Girls who are BFFs look at each other naked for the first time (Video).

Man… What a concept for video. I wonder who had the job of going around L.A. asking people if they’d be cool with seeing their best friend naked, then filming their reaction?

That’s the type of shit I think about when I watch stuff like this… It was someone’s job for real money to ask people if they’d be down to see their best friend naked.

I hope and pray that I never see my best friends (both male and female) naked. But apparently, not everyone feels the same way.

When BuzzFeed asked best friends to get naked together, there was a whole lot of nervous gigging. Friends of months and years admitted to never seeing each other nude. But there was a palpable excitement in their voices.

Not only were these women willing to take the plunge, but they were also willing to help BuzzFeed make a bunch of YouTube ad revenue by stripping down in front of a camera.

BFFs see each other naked for the first time
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We live in a world where video footage of pretty much any sex act imaginable is just a few clicks away. So in theory, a tame, nudity free/sex free video like this shouldn’t get much attention.

But perhaps the fact that these are supposedly real friends makes it compelling. Or maybe it’s just because you can watch it at work without getting fired.

Since it’s Buzzfeed, you totally *know* that next week there will be a video of dude best friends seeing each other’s penises for the first time.

Shout out to the one girl who shaved because she was planning on have sex tonight.

We guys can all appreciate those grooming standards.

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